The blog era of War 23% nternet content will disappear forever

on April 21, 2015, at the official closing of Baidu space, WordPress will celebrate its 12 year old birthday. home page reads such a copy: "Wordpress occupies 23% of the Internet.". No one doubts this number, but it means that 23% of the content on the Internet will fade from the world forever as the domain name and server expire.


12 years ago — April 21, 2003 — just entered the Texas University of Houston political science major near Matt Mullenweg, in his blog posted on the blog to build the source code. Matt, 19, doesn’t know that the programs he wrote will become an important pillar of the world’s Internet in the next ten years.

a year later, Houston’s local news wrote his pioneering story in The Blog Times, and in the subtitle it was called "opening the era of Internet blogging". Ironically, it is this article from the traditional media reports make Matt aware of his own and he created WordPress should become a revolutionary tool for human development information territory, so he left the University of Houston driving a car all the way to the west, arrived at San Francisco just a transition to the Internet soon CNET – Digital Media company began the gospel of Philip to the world.

The golden age of


if you catch up with 2003, you won’t think it’s the best time to start a business.

After the Internet bubble

tide at the turn of the century burst, known as multiple star technology companies in the annihilation of bubble, the capital market and end consumer market cold violence on the Internet for three years.

until 2003, the Internet gradually ushered in the second spring, and Matt and his WordPress is definitely not the only protagonist of this era.

Google released in 2001 of Google Group, this is the first in the world without the need to set up their own server can use the forum service — you can think it Post Bar Google creates its initial purpose is to replace the cumbersome NewsGroup. Although Google did not succeed in trying a series of attempts to subvert the Email later, Google Group really accelerated the demise of the email based NewsGroup discussion group.

Google is still in W>

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