Three noes from the layman to earn 300 of the hardships of the day

Hello, first explain what I mean by "no three": no qualifications, no skills, no experience. This is no three noes. The first contact with the site is about 04 years, and at that time, there are two friends that live on personal websites. Another 04 years, when it was easier to make money online. When I saw my two friends doing it every day in front of the computer, I had a lot of money to spend. I was so jealous. I really want to learn from them, but because of my personality problems, I don’t want to ask them any questions, and then they’re one or two years younger than me. I can’t even open my mouth. Therefore, learning website production is nothing. But the idea of running personal websites has been lingering in my mind.

to 2006, because too tired to work in the factory is not to earn money, business website this idea came again in front of me, sleep every day are doing….. Then quit his job and began to make the site, but because no technology, no one to advise, do not know where to start to check the internet. I graduated from junior high school, I did not graduate, I found all the information I could not understand. In the Internet cafe, I spent a lot of money on it, and spent a lot of time, but I still got nothing. I see fewer and fewer tickets in my pocket. It’s very depressing.

said that, I also want to thank my girlfriend for my support at that time, when I did not work, naturally do not make money, the Internet and eating money are given to my girlfriend. (a little shame)

thought, "if you can’t go on like this, you have to find a shortcut to earn some money to support yourself.". They began to check Wangzhuan on the Internet to find a lot, but are not appropriate for me to do (technology). Then an electronic commerce project what caught my attention, to pay 180 dollars, then pull off the assembly line, get into. This thought can also be in the forum post propaganda what you can do, the feeling from the simple (at that time did not think of is the network marketing). I added the line of QQ, he sent me a screenshot of hundreds of pieces of good income income, one day, to see my eyes…. didn’t think my girlfriend to find the money in the past, then I opened my line to a web site, and he stood on the content as like as two peas. You need to do is propaganda. Done for about a week, I only pulled to a downline, put 40 dollars, then contact on-line, let him give money, he said must be one hundred yuan, can only pay. I had a week, a line not down, I did not pull off the assembly line is connected to the people, two weeks are so time-consuming that money, and began to push down, the heart is very great.

later became GG. Set up a blog, a few articles reprinted elsewhere English articles. On GG advertising, download a brush flow software, began to contact each other. At half a month, the GG account has dozens of knife, but one day suddenly into account GG not to go. Look at the mailbox, say what it’s for, what advertisers bring about, what risks, close my account. Half.

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