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and then build your own Taobao promotion website. Web site building is not difficult, and now there are many more shared Taobao promotion program on the Internet

first, listed companies. Companies listed on the new board to assume additional letter group norms and many other costs, if the operating condition changes, or their business model is not sexy, unable to attract investors, it will naturally lose confidence listing. Of course, there are some of the more outstanding enterprises to choose delisting is to plan further capital operation. This is the reason for the business side.

has a chicken soup, everybody must know, "the only constant in this world is change itself."." Today through this sentence I also want people to understand the soup, not too tangled in the new board position, because this thing is not immutable and frozen, the new board as a multi-level capital market, Taki, its location with the situation of our country, the development of the capital market, A shares system reform and continue with the adjustment; the mission produced fine-tuning, such as the current listing of enterprises to meet the supply side reform of fundamental policy.

now, the number of Taobao customers has been above millions. Taobao promotion site such as bamboo shoots was not poor, how are we in many guest website talent shows itself, sell, become the winner? This is a common topic of many Amoy friends. Today, we will explore some of my ideas, for everyone to draw on. I operate a small station, "Taobao crown shop"". It has been 3 months since the operation time. Key words in sh419 third page, has been as long as January years. This keyword now sh419’s index is: 752, not a very high word. But the level of competition is quite obvious. sh419, you’ll see that at least 30 pages are using the same word for rankings.

Location of

Taobao online shopping bag: index 216 sh419 ranked second, revenue will not be less than 20 yuan per day, sh419 has a competition

, however, there is no need to waver in our confidence in the new three boards. The new three board is the hope of China’s capital market reform, and the State Council attaches great importance to it. Although there is still a "trading places" and "exchange" of the word, but the new board has formed its own potential, this potential once formed, who also can not be reversed.

plans to be implemented and now begin to share.


new three board system can be expected in the future, or a lot of bonuses. However, we must remember these two words, "do not stammer into a fat man", "good" is bad". Deng Yingling, chief executive of the stock exchange, made a speech for the first two days and pointed out the direction for the market.

two, the "new three board delisting tide

but here I would like to remind you that, in the new three plate outbreak may not all of the new three board problem. For example, excellent >

third, IPO speed up. This is a fuse, just a little. Excellent enterprise depressed in the new board can not see hope, to speed up the natural IPO way "".

"delisting tide", in my view, there are three reasons.

Taobao crown store: index 148, sh419 ranked second now revenue 10-50 yuan

second, the new third board market. Three new board is a growing teenager, the growth of many troubles, a lot of problems broke out. For example, liquidity, such as market making system issues. This makes excellent enterprises very depressed.

one, the positioning problem is "layers of evolution", but the importance of the new three board will never change

on the new three panel, there is a process of evolution from the beginning of the NASDAQ standard evolved into thinking, constantly stressed the independent market, then Chairman Liu advocated "nursery" and "". It can be said that the positioning of the new three board is not static, but a dynamic process.

first, let’s dig for 50 long tail words:

Taobao online shopping women’s shoes: index 600 sh419 ranked second, revenue will not be less than 50 per day, sh419 currently has 3 competing

but another word for this station, "Taobao crown shop", is also home page, but in sh419 shot second. Every day from sh419 to the station traffic about 100IP, Taobao daily income of 10-50 yuan between. This is to do a little bit of promotion. But that’s enough for me to make the following plan.

first, identify the more targeted and target groups of long tail keywords. there are also listed above, as long as you can think of, and index keywords can be used to do it. Specific long tail keyword query, you can use the tools to query online

currently, many new three board enterprises do not intend to stay in the new three board, thinking about IPO, fled three new board. Well, the new three board positioning is not a problem, the new three board there is no future,

has "Taobao crown shop" this keyword, the flow that comes from sh419, we can be called: directional flow target client inquires the flow that brings, can not help the competitor of course not to bring. By my present Taobao crown store, the daily 100IP brings the revenue I can calculate for, if each station only makes one to three keywords, and ranks first to sh419, the daily traffic 100IP. Well, the conversion transaction is probably around 10-50 yuan per day. Each station has a monthly income of 300-1500 yuan. What about the 20 stop if you have 10 stops?… Here is to talk about the long tail station group strategy, for novice friends, very helpful.

now lists 3 stations to illustrate project operations. Specific index parameters refer to long tail keywords query.

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