There’s an entrepreneurship program that raises the prisoner’s professional skills with VR, maybeAds

VR technology as an application in the medical field has ten years of history, and have achieved certain results, Wahidy compared to that of introducing psychological treatment, the introduction of VR technology into the prison is more simple and effective.

read: consumers who buy this technology should be prison managers, but it’s hard to say whether they have the motivation or not.


games, movies, education…… As VR technology is infiltrating into every field, Virtual Rehab, a New York start-up, plans to bring VR technology to prison.

according to the National Institute of Justice the National Institute of Justice in the study, three prisoners released from prison in two will be in prison again in three years, 75% of the prisoners will again crime in five years. This is one of the causes of overcrowding in American prisons.

, for example, they can use VR technology to replace the battery to the car, the company will use the sensor feedback technology to make the process more realistic, replace the battery in the car when the prisoner is not completely stalled after cooling, will feel a slight shock.

in addition, Virtual Rehab will test prisoners’ responses to real-world conflict scenarios through VR and score them. Prisoners will be placed in virtual scenes of violent conflict to see if they can take the right action to resolve the conflict. Though there may be some prisoners incorrigible, but Wahidy believes that there will be more people to learn from it.

Exposure therapy

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, the company plans to use VR technology to provide correctional services and rehabilitation programs for prisoners, and to provide practical vocational training. According to the company’s founder and CEO Raj Vahidi · Raji Wahidy said, VR is equivalent to an interface between the life inside and outside the prison, inmates can through the virtual environment to improve the training of occupation experience.

Wahidy believes that VR technology can not only help the prisoners in prison to better adapt to social life, and reduce recidivism recidivism rate, but also can greatly reduce the burden on taxpayers.

, according to the Institute for criminal policy data, there are around 10 million 500 thousand prison inmates in the world, of whom 2 million 200 thousand are in the United states. During the fiscal year 2016 to 2017, the United States government alone allocated $8 billion 800 million to prisons and detention centres in the country. According to Virtual Rehab estimates, the world’s expenditure on prison management will be as high as $35 billion 200 million in the financial year.

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