15 year old drop out of business, earn a suite for 4 months, he is a legend of the domestic T secto

in the domestic IT industry, there have many legendary figures, chat Ting should be regarded as one of the youngest one.



, born in 1989, is the day Ting cloud computing company founder, chairman and chief architect. The 16 year old started in the field of cloud computing, cloud computing in the chat Ting CHP original remote interactive technology, and put forward the first domestic cloud computer service concept in 2012, one of the veteran is also one of the earliest virtualization technology, cloud computing.

time back to ten years ago, was only 15 years old students chat Ting because indulge network game, the network game company founded school to the school. After a compromise, he finally got his wish, began to take the game to make money.

September 2004, Ting chat through the game to earn hundreds of thousands. In accordance with the Pudong real estate prices, the money enough to buy a house, at this time, just out of school for only 4 months.

later, tasted the sweetness of the chat Ting do more. He not only created a game has been recognized by PW, was founded in 2006 to focus on cloud computer services, desktop virtualization Ting day company.


may, when it comes to desktop virtualization, people always think of Citrix, VMware, red hat, and even Microsoft. Of course, whether it is from the brand awareness, product maturity, or market share point of view, this is indeed a few international IT giants are leading the development of desktop virtualization.

however, with the development of virtualization technology and market demand, the company set ting chat through independent design and development of the world’s first CHP technology and high-quality services quickly co sponsored with SWsoft, Microsoft and other international companies from multiple innovation workshops, lay in the domestic VPS market leader status; at the same time, many domestic top 500 enterprises have become his partner: such as Shanghai Unicom, Sinopec, ctrip.

had to say that a teenager who dropped out of junior high school has created a legend in the domestic IT world, and he is also known as the father of Zhong Guoyun".

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