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6. to produce a English website, and put on shlf1314 Adsense advertising.

event copyright migration and micro-blog’s two rise

, but the short video boom brings new options. Last June, the establishment of sports football commentator Dong Lu short video company, our football, hi ball technology founder, football player Jihai Sun also launched a campaign in the short video social platform hi seconds. These entrepreneurs with aura have also been favored by the capital. In December of last year, hi ball technology received tens of millions of angel rounds. In March this year, our football won 5 million yuan Angel round of financing.

3. to go home to see popular products.

7. in the EBAY shop on the left MSN contact, and shoot tips, baby before the first contact MSN.

The headlines behind the

5. the increasing variety of products, the main choice is displayed on the home page of some popular products.

‘s entry into sports short video entrepreneurs, micro-blog and today’s headlines is significant. Get NBA and Mid short video >

Wang Tao first really felt the outbreak of sports short video in August last year during the Rio olympics. At that time, he and his team used fast track second placement to explain the games and entertainment treatment. Unexpectedly, "Chaoyang" and other Olympic Taiwan masses in the four or five minute video clips on the Internet are particularly popular, from the opening day traffic soared, the largest single day broadcast over 10 million, 16 days a total amount of playing more than 300 million.

will be a hot commodity, search the countless times every day, not to mention is the absolute price advantage of the shop, so every day will produce a large number of foreign traffic to reach the goal of advertising English station. This is to create a form of search source, is based on the user’s search habits, create high temptation target, allowing them to choose, to speak the publicity to the website.

1. the establishment of a English version of the EBAY shop, English translation must be accurate.

entered 2017, and capital and platforms continue to be enthusiastic about short video. Today’s headlines won the Super League short video copyright 3 years, and with mango TV, "2017 happy boys" reached cooperation, efforts to expand the platform, short video category. Micro-blog has also worked with NBA and La Liga and will distribute them to micro-blog. Short video has been dominated by red and entertainment content, sports short video is becoming the next wave of traffic entrance and platform for the object of contention.

Abstract: short video comes with new options. Last June, the establishment of sports football commentator Dong Lu short video company, our football, hi ball technology founder, football player Jihai Sun also launched a campaign in the short video social platform hi seconds.

8. in the MSN set up automatic reply, because of its English website to browse.

started, Wang Tao was a famous sports host of CCTV. He worked for 10 years only in "world football" column. In recent years by traditional media such as television fading and rapid development of sports industry double impact, leaving the business of "media veteran" is not a few, in addition to Wang Tao, Liu Jianhong, Duan Xuan, Dong Lu et al also have their own business. These businesses are usually not far from the line of work, such as sports production, interpretation, and organization and planning of events.

China travel www.chinaly.org


4. in the online search related pictures of the popular products, and must not repeat the shop on the other, and then set the price lower than the other price, has the absolute price advantage.

2. will be online contact address to the United States or some European countries, can also be changed to Hongkong, because this way shows relatively low logistics costs.

prior to this, large sports variety show in the whole season is only tens of millions of dollars or barely over the level of billions of dollars. For the "Chaoyang crowd, the Olympic platform" and other programs fiery, Wang Tao told the three ID:tosansheng reporter: "on the one hand, the Olympic bonus, on the other hand, the user’s habits have really changed."." It was then that Wang Tao, who spent two years in business, decided to tilt the focus of the media in the Northern Hemisphere from traditional mass sports programs to short video.

, micro-blog, NBA,

in the foreign network market, online shopping is a theme, especially foreign users love to buy some things on the Internet, now Alibaba and EBAY have English version, mainly for the convenience of foreign users can search China products. In talent online, often can see some English professional job seekers in the profile had introduced their own professional EBAY shop customer service, because this kind of customer service, every day is to communicate with foreign users, the level of English is quite good, but also reflect the huge trading volume, daily EBAY. The general products, if there is no absolute profit advantage, EBAY is difficult to sell the move, because the logistics cost is too high, if a product price is 10 dollars, but the logistics will be 300 dollars, in the domestic EBAY sell more fire products is an international brand of high imitation clothing. There is some calligraphy and painting products Chinese, there is a large number of low-cost wholesale products, so that the open shop in EBAY, doing business is very difficult, although there are a large number of visitors from all over the world every day. Here is a EBAY, using the search function, to obtain a large number of foreign traffic skills /

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