Zhou Hongyi internal sharing leadership, decision gap, these three entrepreneurs, do not look good

talk about courage? Because leadership came out of the army at the earliest. The United States military officers sotop war, after many have become excellent CEO. There is a book called "the blue blood Shijie", the 10 person is the writing of the U.S. Air Force retired into large enterprises to do things.

website alliance / advertising alliance will become the biggest variable in the online advertising market. Because the site has a very high selectivity alliance media extension and media type, website alliance to single sites formed a great challenge.

today in this article, Zhou Hongyi tells about the concept of "wolf" and the actual dry goods, and tells many sincere and sincere details. Through this article, perhaps you can see a different Zhou Hongyi.

training camp, most of the time there are more than 20 like XuSanDuo fighters are retired from the major military special forces. The purpose is to arrange for people to practice with them. I will take all the new employees and the companies I want to invest in.


website alliance / advertising alliance to become leader of the Internet advertising market, from passive to active across the web alliance website alliance. Passive Web Alliance refers to the union of web media advertising can only passively accept the audience access, can not achieve effective precision marketing; active site alliance refers to the alliance in the web media can take the initiative, and the effective distribution of targeted advertising network to the relevant audience. Most of the current Web Alliance is only in the passive and active web site alliance, alliance, such as shlf1314 Adsense, in essence, can take the initiative to the corresponding distribution of advertising audience.

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leadership determines the gap

why am I so concerned about leadership lately? Because as the company develops, I feel more and more that it is a limit to me, so I want to remind you. Objectively speaking, I have a gap with Ma, if more than understand technology, understand products, Ma may be inferior to me. But Ma is more understanding of leadership and more understanding of human nature, so he can manage a bigger undertaking.


we are now talking about a person’s intelligence, a person’s EQ, a person’s talent, but in fact, there is a foreign saying "Yong quotient", that is courage. I think courage is a very, very important thing. It’s the core of leadership.

in addition to this book, I’d like to recommend to you two of my favorite movies, one for Saving Private Ryan, and one for brothers. What’s the name of the company commander in "brothers company"? It’s called CEO. I think the film is worth watching over and over again by entrepreneurs. Frankly speaking, a company of more than 100 people and a start-up company is so many people at the beginning. Let’s not say how you do the commander, commander, think how to do a company commander,

dictated? Zhou Hongyi,

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in their own territory, and peer at real combat, direct, wolf advocates, on the "red leader" Zhou Hongyi, the arena he was evaluated Chinese Internet is the most legendary and the most troublesome "fighter".

because the arcade is like a battlefield. Other industries, I do not know, China’s Internet is simply a jungle battlefield, very cruel, if you can not learn from the military style of leadership, then you will be relatively weak competitiveness. I have a special hobby, love climbing and shooting, in order to satisfy their own needs to play, a few years ago in Beijing made a 500 acres of mountain, now basically built a – from the satellite, absolutely like a terrorist training camp.


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DCCI Internet data center study found that due to the network advertising industry is undergoing significant changes, website alliance / advertising alliance has become the biggest variable in the online advertising market. Network alliance, advertising operators, may become the largest resource gezonglianheng, the largest Internet Co. At present, many participating, related cooperation, investment, mergers and acquisitions are very active, many enterprises suddenly rise.


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