This is not luck should not blindly joinPicture station for GG quick day earn 100 yuan

1. Program selection:

if you only earn advertising fees, then you do not need to rent to each server to upload pictures in the 163 Forum on passing on, and remember the address, and then sent to their forum on it, because the 163 forum rarely delete pictures, so you like this post always display normal.


does not affect your server burden, and you can run a large web site with the smallest web site.

website is not only goods, he is our friend, treat a website like a friend, have to pay attention to him every day, give him the care. We have come to him too much in the effort, if you do not get the return, as well as to find the reasons, because your concern is not enough. Wangzhuan is not accidental, it is a long and arduous process, if you persist, you are not far from success, but if you give up, it can only regret to tell you, you still choose other industries, it is not for you! The Taobao boutique, welcome to reprint please keep the source.

I entered the stationmaster industry it’s not a long time, but I found an interesting problem, do not want to make money webmaster often made, and an idea of money owners often are complaining about giving up. The reason is because the latter too impatient, anxious is not as important, do one thing must be a long stick can achieve great accomplishments. Web technology is not the most important, even if you don’t write the program is not what problem, but you must know how to promote the key. The network is all the source, we can use it, but the site publicity must rely on their own hands. Good publicity will achieve good results, can obtain large flow is our ultimate goal.

picture station is a lot of people do shlf1314 advertising is the first choice, here I say a few points:

Chinese station more and more, the impact of the financial crisis, now many novice webmaster joined the industry, its purpose is to make money, I can only say that your idea is good, but do not practice than theory, this industry to make money is not easy, there are a lot of people is the root did not earn a penny. The site, generally follow the flow is king, you have a large flow, it can survive, no traffic, at best, only a garbage station. I don’t have a good literary talent, there is no good way to tell you how to do traffic, only hope you have read my writing, able to understand the flow method. People say are false, only their own practice, it is really.

site will be just a virtual goods, how can you make your stand become hot, customers become panic buying objects? Comes first, website content is very important, a good standing like a good commodity, only the good things will be recognized by people, so the site must be the direction of development good site planning. I just do stand, I often see statistical code, this might be a lot of people despise. In fact, I was in my early user tracking, web site, each flow is very important, I want to retain my users, so they called me the website back.

two, the choice of space:

and friends have similar problems, that is, I’m 2 now

program to the HTML you want to use, because if the forum or procedures for the use of dynamic words, then there will be every open a picture, the request must pass through the database transfer again, resulting in a large number of IIS database was occupied, request data base of the picture – display, if it is HTML then, each request is to call directly to the picture, do not need to go through the database link, I image station of the program is asp+access, now the program is the HTML forum, the same configuration of the space, the latter than the former more than double the people online. For example, the former supports 100 people online at the same time, then the latter can support 200 people online at the same time.

if you are ready for a long-term development, as a sustainable development project to promote it, then we must all adopt the form of pictures, each picture is come from your space, with the watermark forum program as far as possible choose this way, upload pictures, automatically in pictures with you sure you can adjust the watermark, watermark, into a piece of picture automatically covered below, thus forming distinctive advertisements, such as my hilarious pictures stand on advertising is "temptation in the www.it8g, very conspicuous, regardless of who is calling, who will take the initiative to open the station.

the early use of ordinary space can be, do not the size of picture stand, key, the key is the number of IIS connections, because the picture will often be hotlinked, will occupy a lot of IIS, so do the daily flow of more than 100 thousand IP picture stand, using a separate server.

if your daily flow below 2000IP, then choose a IIS connection number 100 is enough, if you want the program stable, as the network selection.

picture station relatively speaking, advertising revenue than the movie station is even more strong, generally average to 1 IP2-5 cents or so.


three, operation:


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