Fans of the myth of the economic collapse of the end of the era of public entrepreneurship entrepren

Abstract: today’s millet had already said goodbye to the sincerity, began to lose the original intention of products, like sea fishing service, consumers can’t get beyond the expected service or product – products became more and more homogeneous, and other mobile phone than the lost soul "".


Author: Yan Zeru


when the flow of dividends disappear, like venture into the deep water, began the entrepreneurial elite frenzy, the essence of enterprise business, return to


public venture, the highly innovative tide now with the winter capital stopped, including Internet Co as a storm – millet as the representative of the Internet Co development bottlenecks encountered: 2015, millet will not achieve 80 million intelligent mobile phone sales expectations, investors began to doubt the millet $46 billion valuation. Not only in the domestic growth rate slowed, foreign growth rate also slowed down, this is not meant to enter the Internet business end of


of course, the answer is negative. When the flow of dividends disappear, like venture into the deep water, began the entrepreneurial elite frenzy, the essence of enterprise business – regression.

fans of the myth of economic collapse and the end of the public entrepreneurship

Internet era, is now recognized as a successful entrepreneurial company for BAT, in other words, these three companies are also represented by the three Internet models, search, social and electricity providers.

millet, is to create a new Internet fan economic model, the use of a large number of online traffic to cheap for the product marketing, and online virtual community gathered a large number from all over the country and have some basic skills of fans, not only makes the millet products much lower cost, its sales have a group of friends have a fever the "word-of-mouth marketing", sales of natural be nothing difficult. It will cause panic buying the event, said that the "hunger marketing" or, but it has also been numerous fans and consumers, of course, is also optimistic about the investors, in January 2015, Lei Jun has issued a public letter to employees said, millet has become the world’s highest valuation technology start-ups.

but The path winds along mountain ridges.

millet to create a myth, but also from the myth in the fall of IDC released the fourth quarter of last year China mobile phone shipments ranking, HUAWEI replaced millet ranked first, while Millet’s share fell on HUAWEI and apple, although millet in the 2015 annual Chinese is still the first, but in the global share of only in fifth, after HUAWEI and Lenovo in Chinese manufacturers ranked.

in the first quarter of 2016, millet in the world ranking has been out of the top five, and three Chinese companies in the top five, in addition to HUAWEI, the other two are not nearly the past is millet as rivals OPPO and VIVO. >

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