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 :     in the past year, WPP group has completed the domestic two of the largest brands of online advertising agency, Hua Yang, Lianzhong, century Hua mergers and acquisitions. As a result, Wpp group has occupied more than 1/3 of the domestic brand online advertising market.

I once posted a post in the forum. I asked you about 1000IP stations every day. How much revenue do you have per month?. Most of them range from several hundred dollars. There are only one hundred or two hundred yuan for less. My station average daily IP800, monthly income can have more than 600, already calculate good.

      according to close to Ogilvy’s people, Ogilvy & Mather interaction has repeatedly discussed possible cooperation. However, there is no substantial progress on bilateral cooperation nor will it involve capital levels. But it is understood that at present in the extension of many advertising interactive advertising on the platform are the main focus of WPP customers, such as BMW, DHL etc..

my little station has been doing it for almost a year, and when IP is high, it has about 1500IP a day. In May, the server space several times can not open the problem, ranking dropped a lot. 6,7 months, IP per day remain at more than 600–800. I put in league ads, sh419 and GG, no traffic, advertising revenue has naturally declined a lot. In July, for one month, the average IP is around 800, about PV2000. sh419 alliance income is 194 yuan, GG income is 67.6 dollars, change into RMB 430 or so. In addition, there are still more than 620 in July.

      analysts pointed out that the WPP group is interested in "embedded advertising form, due to the rapid growth of the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises represented by sh419 long tail advertising market and advertising alliance market growth is very promising, so eager to quickly seize the site in the field. The day before the sina.cn with shlf1314 in the online advertising alliance, display portal has started by introducing the search text link advertising, PPC ads and other new forms of advertising to make up for the short board past limited to big customers brand advertising product line, and then open up the online advertising market of long end. In addition, Sina has independently developed the video search, love asked search, will also become its future to the long tail advertising market strategic migration base. Although including video insert advertising, video search advertising and blog advertising, advertising market in the short term is difficult to have explosive growth, but sh419, shlf1314 and Sina, the search giant Sohu and other portals have been valued and eyeing this market.

 :     there are indications that the online advertising market in China is likely to be on the eve of a drastic paradigm change. After sina.cn and shlf1314 has just announced a strategic partnership in the news, advertising and search services, and reported that the group of WPP the world’s largest media advertising group intends to carry out a "new embedded advertising business in the country, and has been the matter with technology companies including advertising products in the eye operator longtuo, a number of operators of similar projects and marketing companies to negotiate. Prior to this, Ogilvy & Mather has been working with a South Korean similar business company in China to set up a joint operation of web advertising embedded organizations.

below, in terms of advertising optimization, I share some of my own experience.

my site has only sh419 and GG Adsense affiliate ads, and the most ad size I use is 336*280728*15120*270728*90, which generates most of the revenue of the site. First of all, tell me about the layout of these ads. 336*280 is placed on the right side of the article content page, surrounded by text, and the 728*15 text link ads are placed under the navigation bar. 120*270 is sh419’s left and right theme suspension ad. 728*90 is placed at the bottom of the end of the article and between the columns of the front page.

under the first to introduce the 336*280 click on the highest rate of advertising, I choose the words and pictures together to show the way, ad text headings as blue, advertising content and web site set is introduced and the content about the color black. The ads and the content of the article surround, advertising on the left or right, and I have done some tests, left on the left, although easy to see, but click on the wrong. Read the contents of the right, but also to the right hand mouse click to the left of the ad. Put on the right side, much easier, read the content of the article on the left, and then see the right ads, easy on the point. Go through the click through rate and end up on the right.

      in addition, "embedded advertising this year surfaced Ye Chengwen in advertising or text ads has become the Internet advertising market in a great power. In foreign countries, Kontera, Vibrant Media and other companies have begun to provide text ads, and the search engine company snap web page text in its website in addition.


in addition, this ad position, because the most important, in the end is to put GG or sh419’s good, through the average observation, or put GG income higher?. This article advertising content this piece, there are many friends put two 300*250 juxtaposed, I heard that the effect is good, we can try. Click rate second high is the GG 728*15, this text connection advertising, placed in the site navigation bar below. Just click on the categories on the navigation bar of the web site

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