Optimization of the five methods of Longfeng enterprises in Shanghai station

Links for Shanghai dragon man is really a handy weapon.

generally do Shanghai dragon people will love to do static pages, although a little trouble but in terms of the effect is very good, although the static pages for search engine included is very good, but also bring us great inconvenience, the need to update the article every time to generate a static page and this is very troublesome, but in order to do ranking up, a little trouble does not matter, I introduced a technique how to update the static page:

3, do not send some sensitive font, generally sensitive word is filtered directly in the internal forum.


chain and posting replies answer skills

1, unified copy of static pages, and each page head picture do not like this way, favorable for the website optimization.

2, posting content is not advertising, if it is an advertisement of eighty percent owners will delete your post.


the above three points can easily do static page updates, do Shanghai Longfeng work do not bother, afraid of trouble ranking row not up forever.

modern enterprise will basically depend on the network to find potential customers, and let potential customers to find their own way, so now generally can realize the customer active site is to do network promotion, although such customers can find their own, but the cost is relatively large, and the post and reply is very boring work, no one can do a long time, so instead of a single post and reply to do network promotion, optimization to do the promotion of the use of Shanghai Longfeng station outside the station, so save manpower and work is not boring, following the author to introduce five magic do Shanghai Dragon Enterprise station promotion, believe you understand these five methods will be a general in Shanghai dragon to find pleasure and the improvement of the rankings.

exchange Links


3, adding a static page consistent navigation Home page.

station static page article update


2, update the article when the code, keywords bold and adding hyperlinks.


1, posting content best and the theme of the forum, the original is best, if not the original you can find some articles on the Internet, but changed to a bigger extent.

general post replies and problems usually met with some more depressed things, such as post is deleted, or master your IP so you are not allowed to shield the post again, if so, do Shanghai dragon people will lose confidence, and feel the job is very boring, so I the recommended post replies and answer questions and follow some of the posting rules, and summarize the post skills, I summed up some experience to share:


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