Common problems and suggestions in the Department of communication in Shanghai dragon er

finished, will involve a lot of people, so many people to organize and communicate relatively not easy. In addition, sometimes one ditch through the demand, but in the process of communication is not very smooth, in the next to about the needs of people, try to avoid this person, this also.

1, the demand of communication, should let them understand the requirement of

?Sometimes one needs share!The full text is as follows:

Shanghai dragon is covered with the multiple directions of occupation, close the implementation of many times Shanghai Longfeng scheme and the success of many departments and departments, so communication has become a lot of students in the implementation of the problem, today we invite senior experts to Shanghai dragon, Zhaopin Shanghai dragon head Zhao Yangang how to do the part of communication

Department of communication to a certain extent affect the output of Shanghai dragon, because in most cases the LongFeng Railway Station in Shanghai in a demand side perspective, through communication, consultation requirements can be carried out with colleagues in other departments. But many people have stopped at the demand of execution, in fact many technical personnel and products to meet the needs of Party and party will think about the needs of what use? Or really useful? And other problems, we divided into several nodes to talk this thing.

really talking about communication problems, I also want to add a few points. In the current environment, to meet the needs of many party, Party of Shanghai dragon are more or less have a certain understanding. If you need just a demand and not the value of the underlying mapping, so that, in the communication process most will encounter more difficulties. Everyone will be thinking about you whether this demand will affect the other current or future plans to do, I believe that many people are definitely in the understanding of competing products, understand the other sites have a lot of questions. What are you doing this? This is not reasonable?

3, the people do not want to communicate and do not communicate with

in with our needs to communicate with each other, let the other party should understand the general demand outlook, why would we propose such a demand, this demand is put forward after the role of what is not able to completely solve the problem of the moment. Of course, no need to fully understand the other side, let them subconsciously know this thing is right and justified, according to. And don’t think of each other as a tool for you to achieve demand, sincere to communicate with each other, be honest in exchange for certain absolute identity and understanding.

everyone is busy, not idle. To communicate to see whether the other party is busy, if the person is busy you with your needs to communicate that either you will, as can be imagined, or to push you off. Of course, the beginning may be polite to communicate, and you. But in the course of time it is really annoying! Please note.

2, to understand each other’s work from the side of

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