How to carry out the new Shanghai dragon optimization and precautions

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B. commercial value – profit margins relatively large

site layout should be reasonable to the user experience first, the user needs to consider what type of information, and then establish a sub section of the website, do not point is we should pay attention to change the structure of the web site, such as: the column is often modified to change the theme of even change procedures, such behavior will be left to the search engine not a good impression, but also affect the included problem.

, a robots.txt

keyword selection principle: three evaluation standard

two, the choice of keywords and title and descriptionKeywords

for a new station for the pre update a large number of original articles can not send the chain, such as your website pages.

four, the station optimization

for a new webmaster, Shanghai Longfeng optimization can not act with undue haste to the website, but should first develop a set of optimization strategies, from the choice of keywords, the establishment of the title and description, determine the site layout, site sub section, construction and other details of the internal chain should have a general strategy in mind, if you speak, and cause the keyword selection error, written description is unsatisfactory, the website structure changes frequently, the inside pages included insufficient began to send the chain and some other factors, it may lead to your site by K (lower right), you will be even more time to remedy, that time is The loss outweighs the gain..

A. index is relatively high (daily search for the word more)

was launched a website, the first thing to do is to upload the robots.txt file to the FTP space, which is the last to the root directory of the web site, no major search engine spiders to crawl your site. The concrete syntax is as follows:


new station to Shanghai dragon Optimization:

three, the site layout and structure of the establishment of

The establishment of

C. (the degree of competition you want to be competitive opponent, namely the same amount of search, to find the low degree of difficulty. The same difficulty, find a large quantity of search.

note: wait for the title and description of the website, and the website architecture is determined not to change the time, then let the search engine spiders to visit your website.

User-agent: *

keywordsThe )

determine the choice of the success or failure of a web site, if the keyword selection error description did not write, and significant changes, it will cause your site to be K (lower right), it is not friendly to search engine. The headline is less than 30 words, describe the web can write two lines, many search engines crawl to.

Note: the

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