BLUEFATE drop back to life experience right from a website

, there are a lot of mistakes, that is unable to access the most deadly.

Reduce the amount of

at that time when I was at the same time optimization of another station, so to ensure the Asia Pacific network cabinet normal optimization promotion at the same time, also started another station. Due to the overall architecture website before and leadership views, change the time the site is often the case, one day, a cup happened. The Asia Pacific Network Cabinet rank had disappeared, the snapshot also stopped, the article is not included, I was very nervous, this is why? The ranking has been stable for two or three months, how will drop down the rankings? Love Shanghai Not the least trace was found. disappear, ranking dropped the baby aristocracy before, right down is not so much. Based on past experience, I checked the Links, seemingly no problem what. I immediately opened the noble baby management tool, I finally found the answer here:

2. Links:

link: noble baby instructions are not accurate, cannot be used to view the external links. Outside the list > network management tools in

then, for the programmer to solve, but they said a pile of crap, I’m Speechless. No way, can only write a robots.txt shield all the information in this directory.

1. program errors, resulting in a large number of pages cannot access:

This place in the fault diagnosis of

this station, the line has been half a year, I have been personally responsible for the optimization, so happy and sad in the middle of my best experience. When I began to take over the very excited, when I first came here, I thought to be awesome ah, but also with his positive. And at that time I very hard, first I on the website home page, column page and so on were optimized, including: title, keywords, description, link and so on, there is a lot of chain work. This process, I believe we all know, I will not say more. Then after sixty days of pay, the rank of the website main keywords come up, such as "the whole cabinet", "cabinet", "network cabinet" and so on, these words came to the home page. Just good, I also went to trial, the results still gratifying.





through the wrong address, found that the site is now a big problem, the original customer products and messages, there is a new column, are not open, the return status is 500, the number of members is big, the number of errors in the address to us.

to share today is about I am responsible for the optimization of the site to recover from the drop in the right experience, may not have what technical content, if interested can continue to look down, O (a _ U) O haha.

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