The founder of today’s headlines have no house, to set the priority of entrepreneurship

note: today’s headlines hunting cloud founder Zhang Yiming think, at the age of more than and 20, after 85, 90 young entrepreneurs, feel that the first priority for doing interesting things and with excellent work on the front, to give up some life schedule. The following is from the Chengdu Business Daily reported content:

Three hypotheses in the

entrepreneurial process

in the entrepreneurial process, I have three assumptions, I do a lot of decisions and think about the problem of the three assumptions.

1, the world will become more transparent

this is my own feelings, this sentence is that I read the "Facebook effect" in 2011, this book has a discussion to Zuckerberg and his classmates to discuss "what means more and more transparent in the world", such as the enterprise management, the relationship of family friends, what it means. This gives me a deep feeling, do product design, but also to consider the background.

2, this is a time of great change

is the era of change in the age of the Internet, PC Internet traffic is no longer increasing, mobile Internet traffic is rising rapidly, the rise of intelligent mobile phone has changed too much industry: no paper map, no alarm, no camera. The media industry is also very big change in the Internet just appeared, media development is still rising, then the computer can not carry. But the mobile Internet era, the first time a substantial reversal of the situation, more than 95% of the transaction can be completed on the mobile terminal.

in addition, I feel that the changes brought about by science and technology are accelerating, for example, shale gas, we originally thought that oil prices will continue to rise, but last year, oil prices and commodities fell sharply. Another example of the electric car era, I think the next five years, electric cars will occupy a large market share, and now the cost of electric vehicles per kilometer is only 1/10-1/5.

There are many factors of production in the era of

to restructure, since there are many new opportunities to restructure, and each industry will lead to another revolution in the transformation of another industry. Just said the mobile Internet and media, mobile Internet and life services, mobile Internet and electricity supplier, which is another era background.

3, China opportunity

We used to say that

Chinese behind Europe and the United States in two to three years, but now, in many products, business model, operating practice, China company is the leading foreign countries, a lot of things are China first invented, such as millet, different pricing methods, different marketing methods. For example, today’s headlines, we are the first in the world to do the whole network search engine. There are many specialty products, sing it, unfamiliar street, which is the innovation of China Mobile’s internet. The first generation of the Internet when China’s education is not developed, many are engaged in mathematics professionals in the Internet, after more than a decade

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