Google ranking factors (eight) site level factors (two)

second, whether the site has duplicate content, duplicate content within the site, Google will only be included on one version, if duplicate content too much, Google will think you site quality problems.

seventh, there is no use of Google analytics and Google webmaster tools, these two tools are Google’s very good Webmaster Help Management and analysis tool for site (not for Google advertising means), of course, registration and use of these two tools is very small on the rankings, included the effect is great. So we can understand this, one day can get better included a day earlier ranking.

yesterday for the first time we introduced ten influence factors of Google ranked site level, in general, are some subtle and trivial content, or even a one or two, and also some content previously introduced seems to coincide, but we must pay attention to, what I say is seemingly coincidence, so, we must look carefully. The subtle gap between the two is they tell a different content, only really understand, you will find that these seemingly similar factors in fact there is a great difference, describes the two completely different.

sixth, website user experience, the user experience can be regarded as a combination of factors, is mainly that the site hierarchy, such as the structure of the site, if the site navigation, layout, in these three areas are very chaotic, it must be out of high rate, online time is short, low PV.


fourth, the website is done in the mobile terminal optimization, now the world has entered the era of mobile website, if only the PC side, the mobile terminal and without any optimization, not only the site itself will lose a lot of traffic, Google will think the site is unable to grasp the trend of the times, can not grasp the user experience.

today, we continue to tell the influence of site level factors Google ranking, this is the eight factor

Google ranking factors (eight): site level factors (two)

fifth, do Youtube promotion video, youtube video has been favored in Google rankings, so if the enterprise has the high quality of the spread of a wide range of youtube video for keyword ranking and traffic is very good.

is the first, the terms of service and privacy policy page, with the page of the website Google will think it is more formal, higher quality.

third is the breadcrumb navigation, Google believes that for a good user experience for the website, breadcrumb navigation is a must.

eighth, user evaluation, we here say user evaluation is mainly the evaluation, users in the site to score on the site such as: yelp, rifoffreport, wot, Google will read on these sites and site rating score, as reference and.

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