Goojje PR update Baidu is updated immediately

, the Internet frequently reported material PR from now on is no longer updated, before and after the Dragon Boat Festival in 2011 began online mention Google is updated, has been extended to the 6.27 Google comprehensive update, finally the webmaster of the dream, when you see the PR update, has been quietly pay for the webmaster feel to pay, of course there are also some sites because of the long-term not update, long time don’t do the chain or the frequent changes of the title, PR decreased.

?Although Google

has already withdrawn from the mainland, but Google’s PR is still a lot of stationmaster are concerned, Google has not updated since a long time, this period is the beauty of some selling links, in many webmaster eyes, PR is used as a symbol of website weight, especially when exchanging Links, most of the time because PR is not being rejected by the other party.

your Google PR update is right, but in the love of Shanghai ranked words, is not to say that you PR>

you update, I also update, let’s see which one more attention, after all, for most stations, traffic is from love of Shanghai, it can be said that this is the love between the interior of Shanghai fight with Google.

2, consolidate their hegemony in China

Google update, will inevitably lead to the webmaster attention, think Google is still awesome, in this case, love Shanghai to see the course, also love Shanghai an unexpected update, which have a good record is of concern to everyone, and everyone in the country, after all, still have to see the love of Shanghai, let the webmaster realize that love Shanghai search engine is your "zaishengfumu".

3, in the domestic, high quality article is the hard truth, the ranking is relatively good

why Google update, love Shanghai followed by a big update, remember the last time when Google update is the case, why the two search engine update time coincidence?

personal feeling there are a few points:

1, remind the webmaster attention love Shanghai search engine

No. 6.27 around 10 pm, a thrilling moment, Google PR update, many PR are up, of course there are some station PR down, No. 6.28 in the morning we found love in Shanghai also had a big update, many stations included plummeted, but many stations included increased Jin made a large. Then why Google update also love Shanghai update, which have any insider

At the beginning of the 2011

and most like to pay a return, small Bo PR I also updated, from 0-> 3, and No. 6.28, love Shanghai after the update, included also soared to more than 1100, but the feeling of love is not included in Shanghai by general, after all the blog post so far has 65 articles, blog has the advantages of simple structure, and believe in the love of Shanghai data over a period of time will be restored.

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