Liyang Shanghai Dragon more than 40 days website keyword optimization to share love Shanghai home ex

Li Yang Shanghai Longfeng blog has been updated to the original article, although his writing is not very good, the website articles are some of the experience of their own experiences, that may not be very good, that’s wrong, I hope you help me out. There is a point.

, the website chain, this site I do website over this blog, the chain to do some work I almost every day, one day about five or so effective outside the chain, sometimes in the blog article to contribute, so webmaster website A5, outside the chain of a month time increased a lot, now in love with overseas chain at least 500 or so. And the website Links, since I do know a lot of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, so since I set up a blog, I added a lot of Links, here I thank you. A lot of friends website PR is also good, some of the site’s weight is also very high, to some extent driven by the force of Shanghai Longfeng blog website ranking.

!The two factors of

today, the force of Shanghai dragon blog website keywords Guangzhou website ranking finally to love Shanghai home, so long time at work is not in vain. Also today some of my friends asked me how to do, how to put the site keywords about a month to do love Shanghai home page ranking, I have what trick? In fact, the site’s ranking is so good, there are three main reasons:

three, the site within the chain, believe that Shanghai Longfeng knows, is to establish the website chain website ranking, but also to users of the site reflect the establishment, the web site is the chain website snapshot of the work, and the establishment of the site within the chain is to enhance the website ranking in one, so a chain in the the website for Shanghai ranked love plays a role can not be ignored!

four, website content, website content is important for Optimization Website optimization, even if not for search engine optimization, the core content is a website. Shanghai dragon is only website content role play better. As for the content of the website how to operate, I believe that Shanghai dragon friends all know, need only do website content, the content only refers to the original content, on this point, I believe Shanghai should have a good understanding of dragon ER. Search engines have strict content filters, included to reduce duplicate content. Only the content of a web site, is too low. For the development of the site, causing some obstacles, is not easy to get the weight and flow rate.

factor, domain name registration time, the domain name webbaojia贵族宝贝 is registered for 06 years, and the site officially began operations in 09 years, when the site is the site of construction, for some reason, then stopped and did not do the work site optimization, especially outside the chain, when I took over the YAHOO chain was more than 40, the chain is almost love Shanghai. The domain name registration time and site keywords ranking still has great relationship with

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