5 details need to pay attention to the Shanghai dragon do sprocket

Shanghai Longfeng caution sprocket, slightly different, may be into the search engine at the bottom of the hell, and never stand up, then do chain need to pay attention to what? 5 details need to pay attention to the following

red dragon Corps Shanghai original, reproduced please indicate the source: www.red er贵族宝贝/zuobi- /0525109.html

2. blog circle can not be closed, that is to say, e can link to the a blog blog, because this will cause a crawling cycle of search engine, search engine is very easy to cheat in treatment. There are many closed chain pattern on the Internet, those who are not correct.

blog posts

5. chain blog don’t need to update daily, about 1 to two weeks to update a can. Excessive and frequent update is also easy to search engine to detect.

1. the link here must be one-way, two-way and not. The weight of one-way links transfer is much higher.

4. a chain wheel does not need too big, 5 blogs constitute a chain almost (of course, this number is not absolute, mainly to see you on the operation of the chain, such as proficiency) blog weight increases, can gradually increase the chain formation.

Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon

3. link is not only the blog page, but also to do between sprocket

to explain Shanghai Longfeng of sprocket

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