Pursuit of capital in the field of mobile overseas grab site, live product development go from here

original title: live sea: entrepreneurs across the land grab a wave of made in China network to occupy the global

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entertainment in the future will not do the domestic market, we are positioned to focus on entertainment platform after 95 overseas." Next Entertainment (future fun entertainment) CEO, Funlpus fun plus Group founder Andy Zhong frankly, the domestic broadcast mode is better than abroad, in foreign countries can be very good copy and reference."

January 5th

, co founded by Ying passenger and Funlpus plus interest group’s future interest entertainment announced the acquisition of Jinsha River venture capital investment company, Mel Signia Venture and Feder Partners A $25 million round of financing, its first official broadcast platform MEME live in the interior appearance. As early as last October, MEME live trial operation in Taiwan, the recent will also enter Japan, South Korea, the United States and other markets. Ying Ying, founder of the guest of honor, MEME broadcast is reflected in the overseas version of the guest.


(MEME live screenshot)

Tencent recently in Hongkong, Malaysia and Thailand, the introduction of live applications VOOV". It is reported that the application of the Hongkong summit once App Store download list. On the Southeast Asian market, the more well-known live platform as well as’ It ‘s Me,, unfamiliar street and Nonolive and other live applications. Even the Middle East market, there are Chinese entrepreneurs to establish the 7Nujoom live APP.

live sea: Copy to China to Copy to America

at the moment, China’s smart phone users have 700 million, PC Internet users have 300 million, there are only about 400 million mobile Internet users, while the United States PC users and smart phone users are basically coincident. Coupled with the rise of domestic 90, after 95, the parties continue to cross-border integration, in this feature, to stimulate a more in line with the native mobile Internet services, WeChat is the best example.

after 2010, the Chinese and American Internet appeared golden cross. The advantages of the United States in the PC era, China Mobile has gradually been replaced by the advantages of the internet. WeChat first made the subscription number, Facebook began to do in 2015, two or three years. Fire a few years of live, has gradually been foreign Facebook, Twitter, etc.. To some extent, Copy to China turned into Copy to America.

network environment and mobile phone hardware are laid the foundation for the market. The diversity of western culture, the spirit of entertainment and user acceptance of new things, are very much in line with the development of live products.

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