Liu Jun follow forearmed nopreparation principles of website optimization

Everything is set, pre

this is the most basic, from the perspective of Shanghai dragon is mainly to develop targeted keywords, which means that the site of the phased goal, no goal when fighting blind, is certainly not a success, so is the Shanghai dragon.


2, make the whole scheme of


Shanghai dragon was an urgent need to implement to something more stable. Everything is set, not pre, pre waste this sentence contains another meaning of doing things steady character. In the absence of ready before do not act with undue haste. The Shanghai dragon is not fast, but steady.

this problem is actually no more answer, predecessors have too many experience and lessons tell us anything to do in advance to prepare, everything is set, not pre, pre waste this word to Shanghai dragon is the true saying. Even if the goal is not to plan for the Shanghai dragon was not the end of the work, yet it means that has the aimless.

the whole scheme can be very complex, can be very simple, mainly to see the Shanghai dragon project size, staffing. Made according to the actual situation, programs include website content with the new strategy, and the external links of schedule and method.

, pre, waste, do more to keep in mind the principle of Shanghai dragon. Site optimization and site construction has obvious difference in time. Fast, strive to website construction efficiency, no matter how complex the website will strive to complete in a period of class. And the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a long-term, systematic engineering. Shanghai Longfeng staff patiently, unremittingly to complete another stage of work, but the work is not the end point of Shanghai dragon, as the national construction, this is a great project. Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun today want to work about the site optimization, Shanghai dragon fight no battle unprepared.

In this paper,

, why should prepare

three, everything is set, pre, pre, another layer of meaning is the waste

ready to do some what

3, to develop a good strategy for monitoring

1, set the target

stable links, stabilized with new content, stable site speed, stable website user growth rate, Shanghai Longfeng implementation need stability, Shanghai Longfeng goal also need to stabilize, this is not a speculative industry, a speculative marketing mode, honestly do stand, a sense of life.

no no Shanghai Longfeng supervision execution, perfect supervision is not only the guarantee of the execution, it is also a basic guarantee for the quality of work of the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon team supervision is more important, even if it is alone website optimization, self supervision work is also essential.

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