Love Shanghai included in the new record of a enterprise stand love Shanghai

Every morning at 9.00-10.00 The list of Here is the

received a list, use Adsense tools to check the next detailed information. Nanchang roofing: related pages about 2140000; Nanchang Roof Garden: about 269000; Nanchang waterproof plugging: about 2140000; Nanchang roof gardens: relevant pages about 1680000. Love Shanghai for each keyword, home appears top-level domain is not large, the new domain name is just for the overall difficulty is not particularly large. It was expected about 1 and a half of all keywords do little before three, roughly analyzes the site, began to operate.

July 01 ~7 on day 4 site without any

for a long time did not write the article, one is because of too lazy, two is really don’t know what to write, the belly of the ink is not spit, before you can write a simple tutorial to fool yourself, is give yourself comfort in mind, at the same time, more or less help novice. Now that my experience only is finished, every time you turn off the habit and notepad. I can only take some cases to do and share. Oh ~ good gossip don’t say it, said a recent case of operation. The main record of performance under site search results in the love of Shanghai.

site in the search results show:

July 06 ~7 on day 14.

next, add the original, false original article, article two every day. At the same time through the local community life website and Industry Forum add anchor text, anchor text I are added in the article. The anchor text is much better than ordinary signature links.

July 05 love Shanghai included the top-level domain name

you may ask, do not look at the list keywords keywords to decide not to do? Yes, but this list is a bit special, the list is the company received, but must be done, said to have signed a contract. So the other didn’t ask to get started.

company is an enterprise, the website has been done, but not on the line. Key words: Domain Name: www.ncnvwa贵族宝贝, Nanchang, Roof garden, Nanchang Nanchang roofing waterproof plugging, Nanchang wa building waterproof Co. Ltd and Nanchang roof garden, all keywords do love Shanghai before three, no time limit, not the use of black hat technology, requirement is that these customers.

No. 5.30 website officially launched, I did not love directly to the Shanghai submitted to the site, but hang link in Shanghai love Post Bar and know it, as yaoyinzi attract spiders, because the day before yesterday submitted several station experience, have to wait a few days after the submission will be released through the search engine, and link to attract the spider included will immediately put out. It was expected, the second day Shanghai included the home page snapshot, No. 6.30.