YAHOO and Microsoft continue to search for cooperation but YAHOO left hand

, which makes YAHOO have greater flexibility in dealing with the 49% search traffic, even these can be sold to Google flow.

network Second, YAHOO

and YAHOO began in 2009, reached by the two companies, CEO, which also formed a partnership between the two sides — by Microsoft exclusive to YAHOO paid search (advertising) and search service. This cooperation has also developed a revenue sharing agreement, such as Microsoft to share from YAHOO search platform will be advertising revenue. The update protocol is not adjusted for these contents.

"this is the YAHOO CEO Marisa · Meyer’s great victory." The United States science and technology media Business insider commented, "if his YAHOO search traffic share sold to Google, it will be a new $1 billion increase every year."

but YAHOO and Google in the advertising business turnover is also facing many difficulties. Is Google, Google already has a monopoly of the obvious to people in search advertising, it may not want to use such a big deal to the Justice Department once again aroused attention. Long before 2009, YAHOO had tried to reach a search advertising deal with Google, but the United States Department of justice against the transaction failed.

at the same time, these changes also allow YAHOO to cut costs, such as streamlining the search advertising team – they are in the new protocol has been replaced by Microsoft responsible for their own. In the past few months, Meijer has laid off 800 people, the change of this Agreement may bring new layoffs.

first, before YAHOO is responsible for maintenance of the Bing search advertising sales, in the next few months, Microsoft is responsible for all. Microsoft will become the exclusive advertising sales team Microsoft will be issued by the advertising platform, and YAHOO will continue to be the exclusive advertising sales team issued by YAHOO Gemini advertising platform;

The search business cooperation between Microsoft YAHOO

will be sharing the most revenue flow from the advertising market, the agreed share is 51% of traffic, 100% instead of the previous regulations. This means that the remaining 49% of the shares may flow will be responsible for YAHOO’s own advertising department.

CEO Marisa · Meyer. Source:

after months of negotiations, in April 16th, YAHOO and Microsoft announced to continue the search and update the search business cooperation, the cooperation agreement signed in 2009.

There are two major changes in the new protocol:

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