What kind of website optimization process the content of the website can really impress users


second, mining product news and information industry for finishing. We know that any one industry must have outstanding products or users a high degree of concern about the news, such as building materials industry for example, building materials industry, ten high cabinet reviews, 5 good website stationmaster industry comparative analysis and so on, of course, these numbers are not random, must be established for the entire industry in a very deep foundation know, if you don’t have this ability, you can use some professional Internet evaluation agencies are given the answer, we only need to stand in a sales point of view, to help consumers to choose different products or for their own needs, this is undoubtedly a very deep user favorite articles, such as my own the Lantian jade network as an example to Lantian jade jade is? Where buy? The premise is to how to find the suitable way through the Internet For example, our Lantian, Lantian jade, jade bracelet where sell? Then taobao贵族宝贝 to buy Lantian jade bracelets? Buy Lantian jade bracelet to online shopping online? This word? "

as everyone knows, the website optimization process is the key to optimize the content of the website, the author thinks that the content not only refers to the daily news, we have seen a deeper understanding of the text, including website content in the website pictures, video and audio files, these all can be called web content, the author in his own for the construction of website content analysis, the current Shanghai Longfeng optimization what is quality content really impress customers

first, through real-time comment for hot news. In today’s society, it is not difficult to find, hot everywhere, but these views how deep, thinking and analysis, reasonable use in our website, this is the difficulty and key point of our creation of quality content, we know that the news comment is undoubtedly a very high value for marketing, because both hot spots, and point of view, operation is simple: the press repeat, then combine the industry comments properly, deep thinking, is a very good article marketing industry. For example, for example, vip贵族宝贝 recently announced plans to invest Lasafo, appear such hot news, that many cosmetics industry, the electricity supplier industry can Pomo, write their own views for the entire event, standing at a middle point of view to help the user to contrast and analysis, where the meaning and purpose to let users know from deep to this investment, this is undoubtedly a hot information is very valuable for a cosmetics electricity supplier. For we are standing in the industry, DCCI2013-2014 Chinese owners across the years micro data we can analyze individual stationmaster present life, living condition, personal webmaster team size and distribution, these basic data can become our webmaster friends in the creation of high-quality articles when the talk, so I think this is more real-time comment today the demand for hot news, but also cater to the tastes of users in a certain extent, this is undoubtedly one of the sources of material we should pay attention to the original article.

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