Shanghai dragon er a new butterfly pupate into mental process

today, I do Shanghai dragon Er full day for a month. For a month, I made an ignorant white, a confusion of the graduates, slowly in the transformation, step by step in maturity… At the beginning, I put a little bit one hundred thousand why Shanghai dragon why, slowly to ponder, to experience and share the A5 Adsense online predecessors, to understand a bit. Like many newcomers like Shanghai dragon Er, at first I also have to admire the Shanghai dragon master. But slowly, I understand that the so-called master is in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge more than others learn more skills and resources than the average person rich. As long as we persist in Shanghai dragon road, sooner or later, we are Shanghai dragon master.

like many college students, I spent more time on other things unrelated to learning in the University campus. Because of the ignorance of youth, I wasted too much time, also missed too many opportunities, I am in the luxury to waste your youth. When I realized that I have lost too much time, I have no chance to regret. Enter the workplace, I can only choose to change yourself, change their work attitude, but also to enter the workplace, I discovered that the dream is really very beautiful, pain and happiness. A goal of the people is really terrible, because you will find yourself slowly become numb, and the robot is. Now we are still young, there are old dream of power, we have what reason to say, ". Retreat is always the weak excuse.

many people say, Shanghai dragon is the bottom most social work, every day is the chain repeat sending off and don’t finish writing the text, but also the city minimum wage wage. Many of my friends advised me not to do, an e-commerce professional students also anxious to find a good job? There was a time, I have wavered, I naturally talented with confidence. At this time, I would like to thank the experienced people who helped me and my colleagues, I will insist on it is because of their infection, they can insist on things, why can’t I insist? What they can do, why can’t I do that? I kept asking myself in our the difference in one thing, it is insisted, the so-called perseverance.

is the most important to do Shanghai dragon in the critical moment or mentality, recent love Shanghai big update algorithm is well reflected in the Shanghai dragon Er mentality. When I first started to write text, some articles not included love Shanghai, a little less depressed mood, but see love Shanghai snapshot, mood click into place. In fact, do Shanghai dragon if such emotions influence, is a bad thing, after all, Shanghai dragon to do more than just these. But this is not a new requirement of Shanghai Longfeng do at home, after all is white. In most of the time, Shanghai dragon head can do is guide, to learn more in Shanghai dragon road, also need to step by step.

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