Shanghai Longfeng website revision need to pay attention to what Shanghai Longfeng personnel must kn


recently, some students think the site is not good, need revision, Shanghai dragon network Qi believes that the revision should be clear, not to cannot but it is best not to do change, especially a good ranking when you, if you do not deal with the search engine, it may appear to flow down, included reducing, even by the K drop right station problem. But sometimes have to site revision, then according to the singular revision over Shanghai Longfeng years of experience, summed up all the notes and share with you, in the hope that we will need revision of the website, look for:

network of Shanghai Longfeng odd students website, all love modify the title, description of these, if possible, these are best not to modify the title, as you are of the same name, after the modification of the search engine on your site strange, included will also lower some.


Before the



, you must not, modify, before ranking keywords must be retained in the title, description. Such modifications, how much impact your site keywords ranking will not. Will continue to maintain the original ranking, may be slightly decreased.


website, the path must not change, for example have been previously included page, path is included, do not change, or because of changes in the path, the path leading to the original included will become a dead link, the website can not be opened, will lead to a search engine for your site friendly degrees lower. Which is right down the website or K away only

version must be a one-time fix, don’t change the transfer, to determine the revision you want to be sure what to change, you need to do with the other page website template, you can slowly modify, upload by the home side edge to avoid, in case the search spider climb to, then trouble the. So after the revision once, don’t stop the change, search engine will reduce the confidence on your web site.

website of the existing degree, for example, included, article, website Links, etc., and the Links these existed before will not.

! Keywords

website layout, revision before ranking keywords must remain on the site before the content, the density and quantity of the best keywords are not too big, it can be revised to minimize the impact.

When the


revision time must be determined, the best is the search engine spider activity when the lowest revision, so the search your revision is not easy to be spider crawled, what problems can also quickly make changes to the greatest extent to reduce the influence of the foreign website.


If you must modify the

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