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before I have simply analyzed the effects of pomegranate algorithm introduced recently, also pointed out that the general policy of coping. Today we talk about the introduction of Scindapsus algorithm algorithm before the pomegranate. First of all, we should know what is Scindapsus algorithm? The so-called Scindapsus algorithm, is the love of Shanghai in the new algorithm to calculate the weights of the website in February this year, the introduction of A. According to Shanghai’s official love information, the main purpose of Scindapsus algorithm on the sale and purchase links, garbage outside the chain in violation of user experience, and interfere with the search engine on the web weight judgment method, can be regarded as an indirect form of cheating. Therefore, love Shanghai launched Scindapsus algorithm, role is to adjust the chain accounted for the proportion of overall site weight.

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algorithm is to combat official said green garbage chain, then what is the chain of garbage? In fact, as long as the user is not spontaneous sharing links all can be called the garbage outside the chain! Because the webmaster, Shanghai dragon released outside the chain of information is with purpose and utilitarian, not pure from the user’s point of view, so the real purpose of Scindapsus algorithm should not blow the garbage outside the chain, but in the suppression of those stations, portals, and support those who really do original site content station, especially personal blog. This is just our guess, in addition, the introduction of Scindapsus algorithm cause there is a possibility because the number of Shanghai dragon too many people. Now the big or small sites have Shanghai Longfeng personnel figure, so that the word meaning the site changed, no longer linked to share good stuff and good user experience name. The webmaster, Shanghai Longfeng for site ranking and traffic, released a large number of fact and no user experience, with some loophole technique allows the search engine to think that your website the user brings great help, and make search engines give your website a high ranking, this is in fact the search engine and user deception deception. Love Shanghai in order to purify the Internet, in order to let Shanghai Longfeng reduced staff, so the introduction of the green algorithm, of course, this is just another conjecture, love Shanghai real intention only its own clear.

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, Scindapsus algorithm is to combat spam chain and trading links, forcing Shanghai to reduce the release of dragon forum and blog spam reply useless. Scindapsus algorithm will launch a large number of new Shanghai dragon have be taken by surprise because they don’t know, besides these so-called junk chain how to batch output chain. A purpose of this may also love Shanghai. Scindapsus algorithm also dropped to some high PR website link trading volume, because your webmaster if you buy links, K is down right are generally sold, the seller usually PR and BR are very high, not much impact, so most of Shanghai dragon will turn to in high quality of the chain to get in.

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