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although this step is a small thing, but often a lot of buddy is the most easy to forget, because it is not too much, too care, may think the key reason why this is not a keyword ranking, but it is also involved in one of the keywords ranking vote ah. When there is a lack of our website content in a keyword, which means that the relative low degree of this page and keyword, then the ranking will decline, if this page of the article or other places have mentioned key words, then the search engine will think of this page and key words well, you can give some rankings. As to why the topic page normally than the content page weight was high? The reason is the same, because the topic page is specifically focus on a key to the operation.


original content is not necessarily a good content, if your writing is not very awesome words, the content of this article is likely to belong to junk content, so that more people appreciate the good quality of the content is the content of value. As we go to some relatively high visibility of the site submission (such as: A5, search and so on), the same content, but the result is not the same, because it relates to the content of voting related parameters, such as the views, the article reprinted articles, comments and so on, these are the key problem of evaluation of a good article good content. So, how the quality of the content, sometimes really depends on a tall platform.

when the chain of keywords ranking effect is getting worse, a lot of buddy may lose the direction of optimization, optimization that Shanghai dragon has come to an end. In fact, this is really the case? Are we in addition to the chain optimization is there another way? The answer is certainly not. There are many ways to optimize the Dragon Shanghai, the chain is only one part of the vote, want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng optimization must do a comprehensive optimization, don’t just hang in a tree, want to go beyond the old railway station station (rival) is like the grass root beyond the rich handsome, in a lot of people the eye is unlikely, but it is not absolute, as long as we choose to take the unusual way counter attack, can break out of this situation, followed by Li Yong Shanghai Longfeng for everyone secret of the Shanghai dragon optimization strategy and different thinking.

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said the title of Shanghai Longfeng optimize this problem, maybe a lot of buddy on the Title Optimization does not have a complete understanding of the concept. In fact, when the title of the website optimization many people love into a large number of keywords in, think it would be easier to get a good ranking, in fact, this kind of thinking is wrong. Li Yong think Shanghai Longfeng title should be brief, user needs to pick the industry’s largest keywords, this is the most readily available method of keyword ranking.

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