The chain is the preliminary work is work late

often hear people say, why my site is higher than the number one, the chain. But why rank smaller than others, but in this case the author also observed a particularly terrible consequences, that is the face of the chain and set over competitors but no people ranked good circumstances. Could not find a method beyond the competitors, that is to say do not know which direction should put efforts, as if the previous teacher taught us the set no matter, confused, this is the most terrible place we Shanghai Longfeng operators. What will happen? How should we do this?

of course is not to late to do, of course should also start the contents of the late work means that important need time and effort spent on content above. The outer chain clouds, the content is the key to decide the outcome. How to create more content to attract and retain users, this is the real competition lies. So it is sometimes hard to few points from the website to analyze a website.


that many people may want to ask, the value of the chain where? The value chain the biggest is that to your keywords ranking promotion before twenty, this is the chain of the mission. After the role of micro call the micro, in fact, why you see a lot in front of the site outside the chain is not because of this, when they ranked outside the chain pushed up. Put the end of the mission, to take another set of strategies, that is the user experience. Do good content, do to meet the user needs to do high-quality content to solve user problems.

is one reason for this is the great people of the user experience is good, in fact, when the keyword of the website in the top twenty, this time is to fight when the user experience. Because when your site into the top twenty, click on the principle of love in Shanghai on the keywords of your site effect. When love when you click on the principle of Shanghai site in effect you know what it means. This means that you and others of the site is no longer a fight outside the chain. And I concerned about a situation, there are many sites the first time the chain is not done, but the continuous loss (known outside the chain of life cycle), but they still don’t rank.

if you told me today you outside the chain more than the first place, and why he came in after. You win the battle, lose the war. The number of the chain in the battle you did win, but you only stay in the pattern of the chain, people look a step higher than you. People look into the user experience up, this is not a realm ah, like you are still doing production, people playing brand, when you do the brand, they develop industry standards. So lose normal thing, so we advise those keywords is still ranked second and third pages of friends do not fight outside the chain. Because when your keywords to the top twenty, click on the principle of a start, can play a role outside the chain is not big.

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