Love love Shanghai Shanghai parse the recently updated snapshot

website every week snapshot updated every week perhaps because of the content of the update, the chain is not to do, no update, no content, the number of sea to love nature will also be less! In Admin5 also seen a lot of methods can accelerate the snapshot update, you can search to see empty the basic method is that!, the rest is the individual execution of the

love Shanghai, focus on the Internet, and strive to do a good job of Shanghai dragon, radish, please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝lbnovel贵族宝贝/

, thank you! !


love Shanghai is now every week to update, this is certainly true, but love this every week in Shanghai algorithm is for the unit in the update, which means every month of the 1 will be the first day of the next update, regardless of the month after 6 days or a few days, as long as the last month not to update cycle, when a new months are cleared, so the next time you should update to 7 or so! This is my guess, some will have to wait until 7 days that day! Hope that Shanghai will not disappoint!

love Shanghai update the database has been big webmasters concern, because after each update, the snapshot website will be updated, included there will be changes, is the most important keywords ranking will be improved and reduced! However love Shanghai is a database update cycle, in this cycle, the webmaster all insist on update the content, to the original, insist on the chain, but each time the big update is all someone happy people worry, this is very normal! I also like

love Shanghai now update period is one week, with the Shanghai dragon Er should be noted that, apart from the last update is 2-24, most website snapshot is 2-17 day, originally the next update should be 3-3, the 3-4 woke up, it was disappointing to love Shanghai database still no update, below I will briefly talk about the love of Shanghai update problem snapshot

! The

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