Work in the poem about Shanghai dragon ER ZAC dilemma

he said that foreigners do not care about your English writing skills is not skilled, the key is that you can not through your skilled English bring more users to "brighten" things, with the attention around the topic of continuous web content attracted him, let him not picky your English (whether skilled any web site is not perfect in every respect, this is the big problem) China Shanghai dragon ER, the webmaster to care about. "I English skills entangled in writing skills are skilled" never all the minor details.

today (April 28th) held in Xiamen 2012MADCIN global search technology innovation conference, a famous Chinese Shanghai dragon ER Zan Hui (ZAC) a report entitled "how to achieve the maximum value of the Shanghai dragon" speech and answer questions without losing the webmaster, he pointed out that: Shanghai dragon ER website profit model, today Shanghai dragon won the mode of more embarrassing predicament due to domestic Shanghai dragon ER lack of Web site operators unique innovative ideas, more a lack of long-term planning due to unique website operation ideas around.

Zan Hui (ZAC) said that many webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER all know to do English website advertising to make easier, but many people think I do not English, English website, so easily give up, in fact you are going to do English website, but not when English writer. For example, you ask people to write English related articles on the Internet, Europe and the United States $10 may be one, but if you find Indians written on a $1, and the quality must not more than Europe and the United States are low, which believe that everyone can afford it, there is not any black hat Shanghai Dragon Phoenix risk of cheating, but why many people have not thought of it? The key is that you do not have ideas, do their own first put their hands tied himself first, scared to death.


Xiamen conference speech


, for example, writing site title tag, description tag, the vast majority of Shanghai dragon ER only know we must consider the issue from the perspective of a search engine, how to write search engine optimization in order to better effect.

ZAC pointed out that Shanghai dragon ER must first understand, not their technical staff, but the marketing staff, and remind yourself that "I am the marketing personnel, must pay attention to marketing ideas, marketing ideas for marketing personnel to be the marketing result of heroes, all of this is not technology can solve the problem of the.

Zan Hui (ZAC) said, often heard the domestic Adsense website traffic to IP10000 is still not profitable, which made him feel very shocked, because the foreign English website often as long as daily flow 2000IP, only through Google AdSense and web site advertising channels can easily reach a monthly income of 5000 yuan.

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