What is the long tail keywords


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user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

, l long tail keywords and diversified, personalized, more can bring more traffic to the site.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

l a large number of long tail keywords, without limitation, are numerous, a website may have tens of thousands of the long tail word.

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understand what is the meaning of the long tail keywords, we need to understand what are the features of long tail keywords


l use the long tail keywords, usually with the section of the web site page, content page, project page to optimize.

website right down topics:

generally speaking, long tail keywords is some words look longer, more specific, the number of searches is relatively low, some long tail keywords even without what index at all, but the target customers would be more accurate search phrases. These can be brought to the site to search the long tail keywords flow, also is the target keywords related to the extension of the word.

The diversity of

ER on the website of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon optimization, optimization of the work mainly includes two aspects of Web site target keywords and long tail keywords. Although the target keyword is the main keywords, but for the development of the website, the role of long tail keywords will be a very important determinant.


so, what are the features of long tail keywords

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

special chain optimization:

l long tail keywords more than words, words more general than target keywords.

first, we begin to understand what is the long tail keywords

we must first clear is that for some well-known portals, or large well-known sites, see from the traffic statistics in Webmaster tools, although some popular keywords and target keywords ranking good, bring the flow of no more than a large number of long tail keywords bring traffic, long tail keywords is the main flow the source of many large websites, and the quality of the user more high efficiency on the website more, one of the important methods and ways so as to increase the long tail keywords is also to increase traffic.


why our website should pay attention to the choice of long tail keywords long tail keywords? What is the significance of the

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