Analysis of factors influencing the website included (a)


website is not included? The weight is not enough, some friends of the chain; the chain is not enough, multiple points; the article is not original, write well. A problem, there are so many answers, but we can not rely on speculation to work. Today I give everybody to say what I think of the factors that influence the website included.

What type of

web pages should be and your server, related website program, if they visit to love Shanghai spiders don’t interfere, no restrictions are very stable, normal. In addition to the role of the chain, is the basic 1 points and improve other sites for your vote number 2, the spider. If the chain of your hair in place, can lead the spider, and the server normal, then your site ready to half. In fact, this is very well done, general webmaster for website construction will select the virtual host, find a reputation of the brand, your website generally do not have these problems, the website program not their own development, so the mainstream open source is not the default spider interference, so the program is not a problem, so this aspect you can be ignored.

light-years forum Zhang Guoping teacher put forward a formula: the website included quantity = pagecrawling page volume × quality. It is included by spiders, spiders can be left of the page is of high quality, this formula correctly is all no doubt? We look at the following analysis.

A long time ago

page? I think these types of pages: 1, type 2, type 3 link text and pictures. If a page both image and text, so we can divide it into the text, because the page or the leading. Link type is a page which links to content, the most obvious is the navigation station page, in fact, is also a portal links page. Link type and image type is not within the scope of our discussion, because now most websites or the main text type, most or all of the pages. So I said this is the dominant factor is included.

then we say that the quality of the article, the quality of this concept is too vague. In fact, the quality of station site in the perspective of owners have two points: 1, is not in line with the user experience, readability? 2, don’t let love Shanghai that is a pseudo original, rosy don’t love Shanghai. The second point is the most recognized Shanghai dragon Er >

said we carefully details under article pages. Whether a web page is good or bad, there should be two direct factors, the quality and the layout of the page. This is one of the most important is the quality, the quality is also the most difficult to do. The layout design is to design the user experience and in the chain, as long as it follows the basic standard of Shanghai dragon will not be a big problem. I can only say that the two main chain: first, is the formation of a network link, in order to let the spider crawling good; second: the chain is to transfer the weight, such as home page, column page, project page. Despite the user experience, a Shanghai dragon Er engage in page layout, the two have done is good.

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