Cheap products selling cottage VR industrial chain has formed a low threshold is the main cause of e

Abstract: it seems that VR is getting closer and closer to the average consumer, even one step away, but is this really the case?


NPC and CPPCC during VR has become a hot word, National People’s Congress on behalf of Li Songquan with the VR virtual reality technology to shoot panoramic video and in the poor village, NPC and CPPCC during using it to a live demonstration, suggestions. Due to the sense of immersion VR equipment, the National People’s Congress, He Hua, Dean of Kunming college, said: this way is too infectious!

looks like VR is getting closer and closer to the average consumer, even one step away, but is this really the case?

"IT times" reporter, although VR is fire, but is still a niche hardware equipment, online sales hot, the next line is very quiet, of what consumers are still obscure VR. In the industry view, this nascent industry is also experiencing a crisis of being crazy cottage.

digital city VR

March 8th, the reporter came to Shanghai, Xujiahui Pacific Digital (a). In a narrow aisle, there are a few square metres of small shops on the counter, in addition to the mobile phone, computer peripherals, a VR a superb collection of beautiful things, a head mounted display immediately attracted the attention of reporters. Shop owner Huang told reporters that this VR device can watch 3D movies, the effect is very good. This is the reporter traveled to Bainaohui and Pacific Digital City, only one VR line found under the point of sale.

Mr. Huang told reporters that previously had seen in Bainaohui VR site experience, feel the product is good, only a few sets, at present only a domestic VR head in store sales, the price of 4499 yuan. Before hundreds of pieces of mobile phone VR also entered, sell well, now leave this section of the effect is good, should be able to sell out."

‘s live broadcast a "frozen" with the domestic VR, grain is not strong, but after a little experience for a few minutes, slight dizziness. If people buy this product, you need the Internet to download all 3D sources, can watch.

The reporter found

in the conversation, in fact, Mr. Huang’s understanding of the VR is not much, only can watch 3D movies, reporters noticed the instructions explain this is a developer version of the device, but the other said the difference between developers and consumers absolutely ignorant of edition version.


" (VR) is too high, and fewer people to ask, I enter these are the entire Pacific Digital City only a few units." Mr. Huang said with some pride.

VR another way to attract ordinary consumers is the scene experience. The four floor of a large mall Shanghai universal port, less than 100 meters in the Central Mall era of digital entertainment park from the bustling, a small museum which stands VR. Even though it’s wearing a VR helmet

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