He was sentenced to death to do grassroots directory Methods and skills must have

will really understand the characteristics of the industry. Can not deny that now every industry has too many replicators, directory navigation station is even more so, it can be said that even the grassroots will be your goal in fine, implementation still has some difficulty. Why? Because the fine is very easy to fall into a corner, that is not enough to go along with the content of high quality mining site. But despite the difficulty but also must be done, such as I do the shopping share, then some stations, discount and rebate seckill station station distribution must be specific, such as suitable for white-collar, suitable for students, such as business economics, I will be divided according to the organization, bank, finance and insurance securities, Finance and investment, this was not a boast, because since it is done in the absence of pre navigation, resources and visibility for security, we must show the appropriate site for users to choose from. Only the convenience of two words, we can be in an invincible position.

will not do simple simple. In the eyes of many people, the website directory site is easy to do, the classification for some sites, and then doing the ranking, and other users to access it. If you are pregnant with the mentality of the station, only to be told you, you will not succeed. The advantage of the navigation station is convenient, but the disadvantage is easy cause, if you will only be a simple list of the site without a careful division of words, so for users is a waste, without the use of the value. Therefore, we must constantly enrich their own directory, some useful advice and information available to everyone. As I get on the site regularly add some about the Internet news, instant messages pushed to people from all walks of life, such as Apple’s 6 release time, hammer appointment Raiders and so on, anyway, some people are more concerned about the hot topic, after all, need to provide value to their station directory. In addition, I also made a Search Ranking, will be more concerned about the topic or keywords made a comb, easy for users to find a more convenient, for the new station on the home page I will open a dedicated section on display, is to let more people enjoy.

with the development of network and the large web site in the crowd gradually, can be said to become quite fierce competition environment. Other do not say, before relying on a few main keywords can eat half of the station, now already impossible. Of course, not only the station, station directory operation environment has changed a lot. In fact, the directory station, I believe we will have a lot to say. Now the browser client site navigation competition, they provide the impact of the grassroots do website directory to a great extent, plus now grappling resources is serious, we each living space has been compressed, so it also requires you to have a higher level of thinking and operating station. But for the industry spread "grassroots do directory station did not play, I personally do not agree, because of fierce competition but it does not mean that there is no future (Qian Tu), we can only say more than before and the wisdom to do.

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