Break the new station on the line 23 days included in the page behind the secret

of two, but after each new line will be anxiously waiting for the inside pages included the time today to share is how I do 23 days to the new sites included the inside pages.

, directly to the Webmaster Platform copy that JS code to the page where you can, as long as there are people who visit our page, even if it is automatically submitted, that is to say, when we install the automatic push code, to some of the QQ group to promote the exchange of people can open our paper are considered is presented, the function is very powerful, have

I do not have a

that is we can try to improve the quality of the inside pages, the high quality page proactively pushed to love Shanghai, included will be faster.



first, explain, I do this new picture stand, is head of the QQ, which I love avatar net (贵族宝贝touxiang888贵族宝贝/), for this picture stand, trying to make it as soon as possible within the pages included is more difficult, so if a do is text based the site,

should be included in the pageThe


love Shanghai Webmaster Platform on active push, we only need to look integrated with their web can not, students can choose to use plug-ins, such as weaving, online will have this plug-in.

You can do this This simple

two, a XML map, a HTML map, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform we can fill in the XML file. In the robots file, we can go to write, take my picture for example:


three, sitemap submitted to

a lot of people like me in the line station after start will wait for the home page, in fact, love Shanghai included home is relatively fast, as long as we launched website is rich in content, will be second days included the home page. However, let us wait is included in the page, a lot of people in the new station on the line one or two months pages are not included, in fact, do the following in a month for new sites included the inside pages is not a problem.

two, automatic push

, a push

can be faster, or even just 2 weeks or so, as long as you follow my share can do:

through active push to let love Shanghai the first time know our page links, and this undoubtedly eliminates the need to crawl, we found the love of Shanghai link time, will accelerate the inside pages included, although not immediately released inside pages, but it can accelerate to be included within the pages.

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