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told a lot of times, the original article is very important, insist to write high quality original articles every day, the number of it depends on the situation, but we must insist every day to write a 1000 word length, suggest that the short is not less than 500 words, the article is too short not included. As the saying goes, content is king, this is the power of the high quality of the original article.

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the same old topic, wrote many articles on anchor text articles Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun, station anchor text is the anchor text in the a page to the site within the B page, keywords anchor text in the a page to B pages, this is the station directional anchor text. The station anchor text main target keywords website can do, is the article page page, can also be the page pointing to the article page, do not target keywords anchor text point to the home page not too rampant, each article appears once, for example.

3, well within the station anchor text

keywords ranking is not stable enough, actually the reason so many keywords ranking unstable, web pages included one of the few reasons why. The higher the weight of the site, the article included more quickly, although the impact has the quality, but a study has been repeatedly sent several articles to the Sina home page immediately included, but to me this blog, may not be included. The weight and website articles included belongs to the unity of opposites, mutual influence, included, the weight is high, the weight is high, included more quickly.

How to improve the site included the

websites included the need to do more, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun from several directions.

website owners are most concerned about, we all know the benefits of the site included, included more web traffic is likely higher, included more keywords ranking may have included more, better, the weight of the website also may be higher, in short, to enhance the site is included one of the owners are most concerned about.

collection of articles

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speed and the probability of

1, enhance the site weight The benefits of

2, keep the original article with new

included in this article, the user can search the web content through search engines, so as to play the tremendous power of the long tail keywords, although the target keyword flow is larger, but the website can do keywords ranking is limited, but in the long tail keywords page of the article page can do the ranking does not limit, which also included important causes of portal flow level of tens of millions of super high.

this topic seems to turn back, but it is the site the higher the weight, the article included more easily, you will ask, how to improve the site weight? Don’t shake, the latter referred to enhance the site method included the inside are also suitable for promotion website weight.

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