Why do Shanghai dragon, do you love it

we all understand that the Shanghai dragon is not free, so there are no pie, to white out the bricks, so we don’t have any time this kind of naive, but relatively do Shanghai Longfeng cost is relatively low, especially the technical mastery of personal webmaster, because I was just from at the start of the Shanghai dragon to absolutely ignorant of the current level of technology, it can be said that Shanghai can not what Dragon Technology >

two, Shanghai Longfeng scalable

Shanghai DragonThis is not what or not?

other way is to push the site to the front of the user, the user does not have access to your website’s intention. But from the search engine users is not the same, they are actively looking for your web site, can be said that the target is accurate, thus can greatly improve the conversion rate of users.

said Shanghai dragon is done through keywords ranking to improve the website itself through PV, and do some long tail keywords, do Shanghai dragon Er all know the words can be added slowly, as long as is not a one-time change range is too large, so we can not break the increasing target your keywords, can also continue do their site’s long tail keywords to improve the website pv.

yesterday with the share of what is called Shanghai Longfeng, then today to tell us about why Shanghai Longfeng, what then attract you? Or do you have to love it? Did the person of the website and on the website to profit people are aware of the importance of Shanghai dragon, now the Internet has become more and more the popularity of the Internet, almost 90% of the industry, many industry bosses are on the Internet has its own enterprise portal and the station, in addition to some organizations, the ultimate goal of other sites is profit, no matter what is the site of the profit model and target, but some people come to visit the premise, otherwise, you build a web site to see their own

, a long period

why do Shanghai dragon, before Shanghai dragon in you, why do you want to do so time consuming to do it and maintain it? Surely all the webmaster is very clear why! Today with this problem in combination with some experience with everyone with a shower and said that! Why should we do Shanghai dragon.

four, Shanghai dragon high price

do Shanghai dragon PPC and other network advertisement once stops paying, or stop on the website of PV also can be stopped, and some by something marketing means to improve the PV of the website, but it is short, as long as the wind wave it past, PV we stop. But Shanghai dragon is not the same, as long as the improvement of their own website in search engine ranking website PV natural, it will always exist, and if once ranked up is difficult to fall down, even if will fall but not lose many.

three, Shanghai Longfeng effectively improve the flow of search and high quality

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