Site optimization strategy first increase key thesaurus, OR rankings

rankingsKey thesaurus

will cause such a result? In the study of editing and publishing articles, interspersed keywords and other specific circumstances, Xiaobian found some problems: the first is too stiff with keywords in the title, just joined the word of "Hefei talent network", but a closer look. You will find the words and not linked to the paper; secondly, not to add the main keywords of the article, the choice of keywords and no index, that is to say this kind of key words and no one search, so even if the keywords ranking is very good, but no one is searching for ten and a half months, how could anyone come in?



Xiao Bian recently took over the site, www.400815贵族宝贝 is Ten thousand steeds gallop. talent pool, itself has been in existence for some key vocabulary, but they’re not very good, so some time ago has been using the "in the title, the text with keywords nature" to write articles, and published, but do not know why, the half the number of months lexicon remains unchanged even if, these keywords ranking is no growth trend, so small a little messy


?Although the small !Why

introduction: I think every Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have not had had such a doubt over the site, they found themselves have a certain key vocabulary are not particularly good, but the number is not much, in other words, row in the home keywords, encountered such a situation, what do you do


key thesaurus

said the site optimization, I think a lot of people have encountered such a problem, a key vocabulary of the website, we will continue to increase the number of key vocabulary, or to enhance the existing index ranking of these keywords? Some friends may say, "is this two is not performed at the same time," in fact, the most ideal state should be like this, we improve the existing index keywords ranking at the same time, increase the number of key word, but recently Xiao Bian found that it seems to have lost

website to increase, then the first article editors must focus on keyword index; then the content and the title must be closely related, or click in the user will only be "seconds off" phenomenon.


is the identity of Shanghai Longfeng specialist, but carefully combed the work of this period of time after the discovery, why more and more time spent on how to plan a micro-blog activities, how to promote a new package, so small a time is confused, "what am I doing operation. Optimizing"? For a start from zero contact operation novice, naturally have a Diudiu distance optimization, this is not, I realized that was wrong today, hurry to write an article to relieve guilt

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