Shenzhen Shanghai dragon correlation optimization once say refers to what

According to Moen 2,

network to analyze the correlation between high was mainly reflected in what areas:

has a "content is king", can think and to the website is a very important part. A website in addition to a good design style, also has a high quality content background, our website will be more favored by search engines. So when we’re looking for website content and website should be relevant to the theme of a website, if we are related to Shanghai dragon, so we send a lot of news, it can think and do not conform to

1, title, description, keywords three tags associated

content and site title 3 of the website,


in a web page, more on the more important content. The search engine came to a web site, first read the content is title tag information. And title label is a web content summary, so this is the search engine correlation judgment the most important place. Title is currently all the influence factors in Shanghai Longfeng ranked one of the most important. In the pages of title in general is distributed into the 3-5 core keywords, if there is a need to repeat the long tail keywords. "Title is the best phrase or phrase semantic coherence, must not repeat the stack keywords, so the user experience is not good, but the search engine is also Shanghai dragon suspected of cheating. Description should be in the semantic coherence of a paragraph, consisting of several sentences, his content should be a summary of the content of the page introduction. In the description as much as possible into the long tail word associated with core keywords, which not only helps to increase keyword density, also can be integrated into more users search for words.

site navigation site title and

?The Shenzhen !The content and links, 4 >



site navigation generally among the sites above, regardless of the user, or search engine is a very important part, the weight distribution is often very high. So we can put some of the more competitive keywords layout in the columns, of course, should also be in the column layout keywords associated with the site as a whole.

The correlation between

design to understand: generally the higher the correlation, the higher the ranking website. The search engine to determine the correlation between the website and the search words, will be based on many factors, and then give a summary score. If you are in Shenzhen high once Shanghai Longfeng blog, professional forums and other local Shanghai dragon see Shanghai dragon related articles, occasionally you should see XXX in the article. The correlation is often said Shanghai dragon in what is

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