Shanghai dragon is a long-term process

practitioners need to have wolf general patience, many new friends today just do some work, second days can scarcely wait to see what effect, have the effect still only, no effect then began to worry before, and began to doubt the idea is not correct, over and over again. To change the optimization strategy of their own, to finally only end up in vain.

Shanghai dragon is a long process, patience

Shanghai dragon is a long process, insist on

Shanghai dragon

I really envy the previous day. 05 years ago, basically no what competition, a website as long as you do it, there will be a good ranking, with the Shanghai dragon industry rise, more and more people into the ranks, the competition is increasingly fierce, a lot of people do, once you relax, then others will soon overtake you.

Shanghai Longfeng work need to adhere to every day, repeated work might make you feel flat and uninteresting, however, this is the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the nature of the work, do not see the website ranking up, flow stability, is pleased with oneself, do not know how many websites every day staring at your ranking again, once you are relaxed, and they will take the opportunity, will let you have results of several months of labor cast to waste.

practitioners do not get rich quick, comprehensive evaluation on the website of the search engine is not a day for two days can change, less than a month, more than three months to half a year, to achieve the ideal effect, immediate operation means does not exist in the Shanghai whitecaps in Phoenix, every game has its inherent the rules, the rules of the game is our premise, away from the gray area, not because of momentary impatient regardless of the rules of the game, with the technique of cheating bring short-term benefits, for the website finally, the victims are only our own, the light is right down, heavy K station, this is not the result we wanted.

to write this article is saying, just received a call from a friend of the client on the phone yesterday, a new station is not ready, I want to help as optimization, I asked them when I got scared, the new requirements for a week on the home page, because it is the relationship between friends, and so they chatted for a while. In fact, Shanghai dragon is a long process, is a long-term process.

Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon is a long process, not instant success

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