Little brother Why are you poor webmaster


owners to reflect the black brother, the site didn’t flow, the website not money, very upset. The little black brother through observation and Analysis on the part of people, found that this part of the webmaster is not because there is no technology, no experience, many owners have little proficiency in a particular line but always can’t earn money, or earn. The fundamental reason for not making money is poor thinking, there is a bad way of thinking. The little black brother suggested that some people should learn their own analysis, through the analysis to find their own problems, then try to correct them, believe you can quickly out of the ranks of poor webmaster.

The following

black brother 11 analysis of some of the ideas are poor webmaster style

a lack of business vision

see you online in a way to make money, a money making idea, or think of an idea to make money, you should have the ability to distinguish certain, this method is feasible, whether promising, whether can make money. To learn how to look at every profitable project with a commercial perspective. Not because there is a negative article in the advertising value, should learn to extract the information of commercial value. As a webmaster, the lack of commercial vision is very sad, but also doomed to this part of the people can not get rid of the fate of the poor.

two. Not good at mining business opportunities, do not understand the idea of learning from others

we are looking for information, look at the article, you should learn to dig useful information, is not soft Wen is not important. The important thing is to give you valuable information. Other people’s money making ideas, money ideas are of referential significance, you can according to other people’s ideas and then divergent or improved, may develop a new method, new skills. This is the significance of learning from other people’s ideas.

three. Lack of learning attitude

modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind. As a webmaster must have an attitude of learning with an open mind. Because of the rapid changes in the Internet information, you will soon learn not to fall behind. The study includes not only the thinking of learning, but also on the skills of learning. Only two of them can learn together to make progress together. What kind of ideas to determine what kind of way, not because of lack of a certain skill and become a stumbling block to your success.

four. Always skeptical, unable to accept other people’s ideas

other people’s methods and ideas have merit, so we should not be skeptical, do not recognize other people’s ideas. When you are skeptical, you don’t want to try because you are afraid of failure. In fact, failure is not terrible, terrible is that you are afraid of failure.

five. Do not like to try, poor execution

try not to do, do not try not to. Whether you fail or not, you can always accumulate a lot of experience and lessons in the process. For people who do not like to try, poor executive ability can not accumulate experience and lessons forever. So he’s getting away from success. As a webmaster, you may want to try >

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