Farewell to the re examination of website content included fast is not a dream


B: website category trust. Do stand to understand the principle of different types of Web site in the search engine’s review period is not the same, such as medical websites, trust the more want to achieve fast included rapid ranking effect is simply going through a very long time, and do well the vine are likely. The relative medical class website, education, type of government website search engine to give the weights are relatively high, other types of sites you can trust is in the middle state. So webmaster in site encountered during the search engine for the different audit period is reasonable. But generally speaking, we can quickly optimize the search engine, also can greatly shorten.

website has been webmaster chord deep buckle, stick from the beginning to the operating profit was accompanied by the webmaster every day. Whether one of the concerns for the novice webmaster or old Webmaster: this day in Shanghai included? Every day the first thing is to open the computer to see included rankings. However, often with the people, for the novice webmaster is fast website on-line implementation of the search engine, but the search engine is the heart wrenching pain for the new assessment is, even without being included on the K has been lost. For the old site, the same fear is love Shanghai review period. The old site has a review period? Maybe some owners do not understand, for example: the page is included soon disappear the number of search results show Not the least trace was found., index and display the amount of non equivalence, the same love of the old Shanghai station a review period. However, the speed of the Internet is the site of survival lifeline. Quick step as boundless as the sea and sky, a step slow road full of thorns, so fast through the website: website included, the review period became the webmaster wish dream.


A: website weight is low. The weight is mainly manifested in the phenomenon of the top of the new station, because the station is the old station regardless of content or external links are not much more than already in operation for at least a few months or even years. But suddenly a new spider face recognition after the inevitable doubts that the content is original? Or use a cover up; the chain is a tool so much cheating? Based on the uncertainty of the railway station, so it appears a period of state audit. But the old station still has lower weight, such as: 1, the chain, the chain of low quality or quantity but not found in time is right down the Links causing the site into the review period. 2, the content of collocation is mainly manifested in the lack of content, original, freshness, or pseudo original content search engine recognition experience review period. The program itself design defects, design flaws in the program itself can also cause the website may enter the examination period: 1, can not be static page generation, through the observation that, even if a site weight is relatively high, but no static pages still cause search engines slow or suffered a review period of the state. 2, there is the phenomenon of cheating, although the website for a continuous update of the original

: why is there a review period

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