Page layout optimization using the concept of love and improve the layout optimization techniques

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we all know that the site of the highest weight home page is (in general, does not exclude the case), then the page links have very high weight. So some sites now through the perfect use of div+css to achieve the perfect distribution of web page weight on the page, the embedded column layout is a good example of the importance of inner beauty, so when the study site optimization not only to look at the surface and see the inner (people’s love view similar), page layout program embedded style is a good choice.

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sum up: Shanghai dragon no trick, only a good analysis and consider the user experience, to provide quality services for users in order to achieve the real purpose of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Hope that through this reference > View of love to write

full of wit

usually have a perfect appearance, and a variety of talented men is a favorite lady, in fact the site is the same. The website website art to beautify appearance, show their talents station editor, rich and colorful is the function of website wealth, this website users love, search engines love. So in the improvement of the foregoing layout optimization technique at the same time, but also enhance the function of the website, this is also a good way to increase the popularity of loyal users of the site, like QQ has many functions, provide chat, games, there are a lot of software for the user, thus realizing the penguins now. In order to better serve customers, we need to provide the rich and practical function to the user in the layout of the time, it is recommended that the website prominently made the list display form to the viewer. According to the above investigation when people browse the web on the left is a good choice, classification show station to do business friends should do products at this location site.


2, inner beauty type layout techniques

in reality is very important, so is also on the internet. Shanghai dragon because there is the user experience, the residence time on the site of the length indicates the level of the user’s favorite website, has the perfect page can attract the attention of the user, so the site is now in the pursuit of the content and also for the overall site doing beauty, please a lot of websites that art beautician, which shows the degree of important site beautification. On the other hand, we think the reason is actually very simple, appearance of the site layout is a professional website formal, can give users a sense of security, do not worry too much about the website hung on the Trojans and other dangerous procedures, users can be assured to browse.

home page is the appearance of the website, need to carefully design each stationmaster, get the search engine and the user’s favorite, and complete our users and search engines to perfect love (Shanghai dragon needs, in reality I advocate a specific view of love). Here is how the layout optimization implementation of love view website.

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