How to modify the enterprise station program to meet the standard of Shanghai Dragon

concluded that the site has been completed, the website program are many problems can not be modified, we can take the most basic of the modified, is very beneficial to the future of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and these changes only need to FTP only, of course, the biggest advantage lies in the weight chain, the website itself website, Guan Jian will be a lot of long tail word have a very good ranking, Why not?! the trouble is, but to fundamentally solve the problem.

chain to navigation station link, link to bold display, here to hide or display all Never mind, webmaster to their own preferences to be.

: flash,

3) insert a paragraph of text and Title

insert the necessary amount of the three weight label, the title can be "Home + website core product + company name, insert is closely related to the company’s core business is the product name Guan Jian word tag, describe the one hand shows the competitiveness of the company, on the other hand show business.

5) at the bottom of the site within the chain navigation

flash, a search engine does not recognize this, no doubt, but the reality is a lot of advertising design, printing enterprises responsible person that the business is in the design, the first impression on the site should be to show others their technical ability, cool Hyun, is their theme, this station is how to optimize the

home page picture station At the bottom of the

for the appearance of the site, navigation can be hidden, with style=" " the div property can be achieved, and will not affect the web front-end display and occupy too much space, do not understand the code of Shanghai dragon Er, programmers can find complete. Note the absolute navigation address, this method can increase the website included quantity, is very advantageous to enhance the site overall weight.


2, but the title with H1 tags, H1 core embedded in the website of Guan Jian words, improve the weight of Guan Jian word, under the title with a paragraph of text, text with the introduction of enterprise products, the word of Guan Jian mentioned products can be linked to the corresponding product page.

modify the title of the website, described Guan Jian, each word, column page should have a unique product distribution, so the corresponding product design, the three, and the column page setting program call format, a lot of enterprises and describe all products home page title as like as two peas which is very bad, and the content page title call the method is "title + core products + company name, the word of Guan Jian Guan Jian listed part of the long tail word description can’t write, you can also call the first paragraph.

2) insertion site navigation

4) modify column page, page

enterprise station and home flash, show different pictures station lies in its home.

two: enterprise display station

The method of

1) title, Guan Jian word, describe the agent

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