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collection contains many aspects, such as social bookmarking, love of Shanghai, and SNS of the user’s browser collection etc.. The more the number of collections, indicating the page value to the users, now wants to let users on the site collection is also not particularly effective practices, but data show that when your website in a particularly creative, users will be collected. The user may require your services, there may be a collection for future research, there may be a collection for a friend in the creativity of the website is essential for a. In addition, the best was to remind, or give the user some benefits, if the collection, then give rewards or vouchers and so on, to carry out the purpose of the plan guide. The collection has been more and more attention to search engine, we should pay attention to this one as early as possible.

website optimization is mainly external links and valuable content, generally grasp these two points, the web site of the keywords ranking have good security. But in addition to external links to a website to search engine recognition, can also rely on other methods, such as user behavior; now the search engine more and more intelligent, judging the user behavior is an essential work of search engine, and also the technology used in the algorithm to calculate the ranking among the several ideas today I give you the summary is the use of user behavior to optimize keywords.

hits is a word we are very familiar with the common first rate and click on the site of the two hits, that is when a user searches for a keyword, click on your site and click on the website also became the first hit ratio. According to the common sense, the first click rate according to the different locations are different, more by the smaller. And if it is ranked the website click more, so that a search engine will think this site is the user wants to find a website, so in the rankings will be given on the disposal. Two click rate is the user closes the page again after the click probability, the probability to a certain extent affect keyword ranking. In addition, the influence of the hits and the title, a catchy title often will be several times the click rate.

traffic also have to mention, I have a website not optimized to do too much, did not know what is optimal, not the concept of Shanghai dragon, but the ranking is very good, a very important reason is that the flow has been relatively large, so the search engine users of this website is absolutely love the site, is to give a good ranking. Now there are some Shanghai dragon software is the use of such a principle, so as to enhance the utilization of the rankings for site visits. Although we do not advocate cheating, but it is also a key direction, can do some guidance for us. As for the traffic, there are many methods available, such as pictures, videos, maps, keywords >



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