The new station + accident + + + to episode by K+ back home =19 days


1, modify all Title Description keywords, the original station has a title "bronze" changed.


4, put their hands several PR1 to 3 of the site to a Links. The other is not yet done.


4, the page calls everything into text directly to page

Wednesday afternoon received the first list, URL: www.***贵族宝贝. Key words: bronze, bronze bronze villa, Hangzhou. Just the day before the site on-line, fortunately has collected the home page. I started to get a web data modification. The details are as follows:

2, to exchange Links website, BtoB and web site information to publish a circle, to add a little extra link.

The The first list of

5, plus Links function, remove the inside pages of Links

list more and more hands later, I’m busy every day to modify the site, no management, only insist on is false original article, included is very good. But I see the title included is a failure, the news page title change failed, originally wanted to call the title of the article, the results did not call success, I was rookie URL program, pseudo static will not do, this is what I need to learn to place later.

when I put the title changed I’m a little worried about will not be affected, and later proved to be no problem. Then I have to do is to approach all commonly used, is the station outside the station and link.

page 404

3, plus at least two original articles every morning.

also finished by Friday, I will go to the weekend at home. The key for Hangzhou bronze competitors, I suddenly found that the site has been in the home first, is unexpected.

2, the navigation image tag transferred directly to the home page, the important page plus nofollow.

6, with sitemap, robots.txt,

7, add the breadcrumbs, the content of pages and the author like. The other is not fine to say.


3., plus a line of text in the footer navigation

1, first submitted to other search engines, catalogue.

to the new company work is to get a new website optimization process of the website is also lucky and unlucky: the first day of on-line collection of third days, one of the key words on the home page of the first second weeks, taking three days to change the server does not open, the station was K, after ten days the three words are in the first home. The following share specific optimization steps, beginners can see, veterans will pass by.

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