On the improvement of six independent blog ranking factors

keyword to choose appropriate

imperceptibly, the website has a month’s time, today suddenly want to talk about this time feel blog optimization. Although only a short period of time so a month, but it seems learned more than half a year before. May be more competitive because of it, that now every day is so full.


internal links: just beginning to do a website that moment, feel very good to understand the external links and internal links, it is not so easy to do. After all, the internal links need to modify the code to find and solve problems in time every day. So every day wondering how to make search engines along their way to retrieve their own website, though very tired, but the harvest is still pretty much. I remember before I had finished writing the article page website when and after a ping release, then Shanghai can always receive second love. But after a few hours, you will find the missing, but when the address is still searching. This means that the weight of the website is not caused by high, until the strengthened internal link, really do stable included. Although my blog is not included in the second, but at least.

after the revision of the website, basically have little collection of network resources, is more of their original. Although the writing is not very good, but after all, every one is their own original, it is also beneficial to the search engine. As we all know, search engines love something new. So, here is my summary of the experience, don’t pay too much attention to the number of articles, more attention should be paid to the quality.

now think before doing the "network interconnection" is of no use, nothing more than an Internet news site, and no one to compete with you, so it is relatively easy. Until one day, I found all the news gathering is not good on their own website, then slowly began to accept the original update every day. Because of the large amplitude of the collection at the end of the day will only make your site become a "dump", and never have any weight of the said. Until then, slowly contact Shanghai dragon, only to find, do independent blog, you should do only do the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon, then no matter what kind of stations are so smooth.

the contents of the article focus on quality not quantity

strengthen the site of internal and external link

half months ago is my official website for half a year before from the keyword "network in Internet" to "Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon" (www.xiaolong520贵族宝贝). The revision of the reason is very simple, is to develop to the direction of Shanghai dragon. In fact, before the start of the blog, is thought to do the Shanghai dragon, but due to the inappropriate variety, it can’t do, but did not expect such a day that without warning came.

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