The great Wangzhuan is not every webmaster can copy

Wangzhuan industry this year really booming, the rapid development of A5, can be seen from the chianz Witkey platform, there are a lot of people have a dream on the Internet, want to write their names, in the fertile and then a variety of Wangzhuan appeared, some young people do website template sales, some young people sell program, virtual space, or some young people do SEO, but everyone was busy with all sorts of network projects, but in this prosperous what is real? Give a very simple example, now a lot of people are doing the Taobao customer, but the real profit and how many people? A friend told me the secret in the industry: Taobao customer really can make money, but this is only limited to the search page before the five, for the individual stations Changgen To do this, so from the side confirmed grassroots webmaster will not rely on Taobao rich guest! But I am not saying that a network project could not be done, nor deny your ability, but I want to say is Wangzhuan emperor, all of us can become, but when the network took over the project, we should think of clearly something, after all, are considered, a higher success rate of some.

skill is our Wangzhuan astepping-stone to success

since we are all out of business people, must be talent. This means that we have the talent that holds certain basic skills, such as you will do, he will do the optimization and so on, after all, there is no diamond, do not embrace porcelain live, since we want to earn money on the Internet, there should be some skills, and these skills must be sharp we make a river lake "no, excellent skills, we do what network project is not feasible.

personal heroism only TV series legend

you may still think Jobs single handedly will be back to the regular appearance of the apple, hero always everyone is yearning for the future, as I do, I also think some day in the future can rely on its own strength and effort, let my team to strive for further improvement, let my site do strong, but personal heroism era is over, if we still singles alone, the victim can only be our own, although Robin Li is a top student in Buffalo, graduated from the State University of New York, but he does poineering work when there are still 7 people in to help him, Ma set up Taobao now in China electric business but at first he summon wind and call for rain. It also has a core group of 5 people, more than two people are personal ability and knowledge of excellence, but they are still not "Get rid of" the help of others, so now Wangzhuan project success, how largely depends on the level of their own webmaster webmaster helper, understand cooperation.

God is not afraid of the same opponents, teammates like

afraid of pigsIn front of

I have mentioned, this time we always need partners, under normal circumstances, we will first choose their own familiar friend, because we know each other very well, more or less have a common.

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