Sushi sushi sushi

in a number of food and beverage items in Japan and South Korea in the style of cooking sushi is delicious, do it convenient. In small series, it seems that this is a delicate delicious and healthy food items excellent. Sushi is very delicious. It’s a very healthy and nutritious food that contains a lot of calories and fat. Variety of ways to enjoy sushi, can be a ready-made package, you can also according to your idea to cook. Sushi is more than just food, it’s a fine art. Harmonious colors and a combination of creative dishes, so that you have to look at them have appetite. Sushi is a good place to visit. Look at the chef to make the style you want, make you feel perfect. You can even make your own simple sushi, many kinds of sushi can be done in the home, you can also develop a unique new species, experience the joy of creation. Sushi has so many benefits, of course, will be favored by people. Sushi sushi sushi is now very popular, is the new darling of the market, then how to join it? read more


This small investment selected chicken joined the battle

said what is best to eat the food and beverage industry, a delicacy now, nature is chicken, chicken slobber when it comes to flow out, chicken is popular as a special delicacy snacks now on the market, such a large space for development, has attracted many venture investors miss. Today small for this fighting chicken joined the you that is very good, with its advantages of fried products, bite with crisp skin dry, loose, fall apart, just consumers love, is the venture capital project.

chicken industry is a very promising industry, it has attracted many entrepreneurial franchisees to join them. The following Xiaobian to introduce a very good project, it is fighting chicken to join, it is the innovation based on the classical heritage, launched a series of flavor delicacy, for people to bring multiple authentic delicacy to enjoy. Fighting chicken joined the headquarters, awesome support to help you win a pot full. read more


A college student’s entrepreneurial path

business is not a very simple thing, a lot of people are halfway, life is difficult to achieve their dream of getting rich. Right now, many people are planning to open a home store, but we do not know how to do a good job. Wang Gang just graduated from college students want to try, he has been working hard, met a lot of difficulties, but he insisted on down. For the majority of entrepreneurs, he is a good example of praise and learning.

is not a businessman, but he is a businessman. This double degree Computer Chemistry, college graduates, to give up studying, went all the way from Xi’an to Shenzhen, in the "Wan Chai popular Hong Kong" on a "heart Home Furnishing" shop, Home Furnishing monopoly activities. In prosperous Shenzhen, although a few months ago can only earn about 2000 yuan a month, he was satisfied and confident, he said, many people put Home Furnishing cloth when crafts to sell, the price is not cheap, he found a new location in: keep the standard of similar products, lower prices, a combination of Arts and crafts and practical. read more


Chongqing has 274 thousand women to achieve employment

female entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial team in the form of more and more, the introduction of a number of Huimin policies to help women around the country to achieve the dream of entrepreneurship employment. Chongqing women have 274 thousand people to start their own business trip.

described in Chongqing women, in addition to the beautiful, straightforward, bold, there is a word that is "competent". Nowadays, more and more Chongqing women start to start their own businesses. Yesterday, the Municipal Women’s Federation released data show that, as of now, the city has issued a total of 10 billion 144 million yuan of small loans secured by women, to help achieve the employment of the 274 thousand women. read more


How to deal with nternet cafes

many girls do not want to go to Internet cafes, Internet is not love, but because the Internet environment is very bad, is not only a variety of smoke and noise, there are some social young people fear. In fact, went to Internet cafes friends all know, because of the Internet consumption is relatively low, so the entertainment in the Internet bar in the crowd is delivered, what people have. In fact, in the Internet, but most are in earnest to the Internet customers, and a small part is idle, idle social xianzarenyuan. read more


How to get a name

has a proper name for a hot pot restaurant, just as we have a proper name, which is a very important job. However, for the current number of investors, how to give the name of the hot pot restaurant is not easy. So, how do you get a name? Let western Europe Abu to introduce you to three methods.

according to the hot pot shop operating flavor named

Chongqing and Sichuan Hot pot in the Hot pot is famous for its spicy flavor, has a very high visibility, so if you are having a spicy taste Hot pot shop, Hot pot shop name natural and ultimately Chongqing XX or XX Hot pot spicy Hot pot, such as Sichuan, Sichuan hundred home Hot pot flavor, Hot pot Chongqing people Hot pot. read more


List of failures of these ten errors easily lead to business failure

as entrepreneurs, we not only to the pursuit of success, we have to focus on failure, lessons learned from failure, in order to go more long-term. When you think seriously about failure, you will find that it is neither inevitable nor worth bragging. Here, we made a list of failures, you can provide early warning that these ten errors easily lead to business failure.

1.  universal technology. If they use this method, then in fact, before the start of the business is doomed to failure, in fact, this concept is the biggest sin. The founders of the company will invest a few years to develop their own technology, they would like to develop their own things, but also feel that other people will like their own technology. But this is not the case, for the customer, it is not what technology can do, but technology can not do anything. Many solutions to help customers, sales are very good, but the technology can not do this. read more


How about agent Mary’s whole Wizard

actually, we all know, children’s clothing market, has been a very hot market. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the wizard Mary kids items is a very wise choice.

for children’s clothing market, more and more children’s clothing store, opened in 2017? Too many entrepreneurs want to understand the problem! I have so Mary’s spirit is exquisite, also introduced the design ideas and methods of foreign well-known brands of children’s clothing, to make their own brand products will be more unique, it is simple and elegant. Without losing the trend and fashion, new sections, lots of people, so since the elf Mary listed on the unique consumers love. read more


Red soup pickled cabbage line is to join the project

a touching story of the bridge rice noodle, so that the traditional snack line swept the world. The development of rice noodle has been hundreds of years of history, is a traditional Chinese snacks. Rice vermicelli, Yunnan, said rice vermicelli, rice noodles in other parts of china. Rice vermicelli made of strip shape, a circular cross section, color white, ductile, slightly to cook fish out after boiling water, add broth, soy sauce, green onion, usually mix salt, monosodium glutamate, oil, spicy sauce, hot to eat. Fans are similar, but different taste. The ancient book "food" cooking time, remember "noodle charm". People used to call "noodle Physalis noodle" and "acid powder" and "dry noodle", "Rice noodles". It is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, have cooked quickly and evenly, Naizhu not rotten, crisp and tender, soup after cooking is not muddy, easy to digest, especially suitable for casual snack food. read more


What are the advantages of joining small dumpling

entrepreneurship is not difficult, I am afraid people. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture project, the first step is the death of our success. Join the small dumpling? Join selection has many advantages, then let’s take a look at the choice of business to join the project which has advantages of small dumpling!

small dumpling join advantage:

1, real projects, affordable fees: a fee, valid for life, later not to the small dumpling franchisees charged any management fees and deposit. To restrict the franchisee, the provision of spices and equipment marked price, to ensure the lowest industry. read more


Cosmetics shop decoration method summary

if you intend to open a cosmetics shop, you must first understand some cosmetic shop decoration skills, so that your shop will appear to have grade. Culture can not only reflect the decoration style, cosmetics store and brand connotation, outstanding products, more conducive to create a pleasant and comfortable shopping environment, so as to promote the store exchange rate to ascend, so cosmetics store decoration should be how to do? Editor’s note that the cosmetics store, as a service type of site should be changed with the seasonal changes in solar terms should also change the style of decoration, so that customers can not feel dull. read more


On the choice of environmental protection in the indoor environment – how Hengnuo

healthy breathing, is our greatest wish of life. Nowadays, air pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the demand for healthy fresh air is increasing gradually. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join in the Department of entrepreneurship Hengnuo indoor environmental protection?

, Hengnuo joined the indoor environmental protection money?

with the attention of the people, in the Department of Hengnuo indoor environmental protection project is also greatly increased the people’s trust, has received a lot of franchisee’s favor. Then, Hana joined in the indoor environment can get what advantage of read more


Electricity supplier hit a good entrepreneurial environment Chengdu

a good business link is very important for many entrepreneurs at the same time, if a place has a good business environment, will also attract more entrepreneurs to participate, and bring some business opportunities for local.

8 on the afternoon of 20 August, Lai army with their only set up a project and team for the past 26 days, participated in the 2015 China (Chengdu) mobile electricity supplier passenger show roadshow. However, due to the company’s start-up soon, the speech PPT is preparing for the establishment of the company in the process of preparation, Lai Jun’s project did not get investors to invest in the field. read more